Exploring New Realms and Adventures on PlayStation VR2

It’s been an incredible journey since the launch of PlayStation VR2, with an initial offering of over 40 games, including brand-new adventures and familiar favorites enhanced for VR. Titles like “Horizon Call of the Mountain” and “Pavlov” set the stage, while updates brought fresh experiences with games such as “Synapse”, “Red Matter”, and the VR Mode of “Resident Evil 4”. Puzzle enthusiasts and action rhythm fans were not left behind, with offerings like “Humanity” and additional content for “Beat Saber”. The world of multiplayer VR expanded as well, with hits like “Among Us VR” and “Ghostbusters: Rise of the Ghost Lord” joining the mix.

The momentum continues with exciting updates and launches. Fresh off the heels of the recent “State of Play”, we’re diving into a slew of game announcements and updates that promise even more immersive experiences for PS VR2 users. Additionally, there’s thrilling news for those looking to expand their VR horizons, as tests are underway to enable PS VR2 players to access an array of games on PC, expected to roll out in 2024.

Here are some highlights from the newest wave of VR experiences awaiting PlayStation enthusiasts:

Spellbinding Adventures Await in “The Wizards – Dark Times: Brotherhood”

Embark on a spellbinding journey in “The Wizards – Dark Times: Brotherhood”. This action-packed adventure lets you channel your inner wizard, casting spells with gestures in a breathtakingly immersive world. Engage in a rich single-player or a cooperative experience for up to three players. Powered by the PS5’s capabilities, this game promises an unparalleled magical adventure, launching today on the PlayStation Store.

Time-Traveling Thrills in “Wanderer: The Fragments of Fate”

“Wanderer: The Fragments of Fate” takes you on a time-traveling quest unlike any other. As Asher Neumann, you’ll wield the power of time to navigate historical settings, wield diverse weaponry, and solve puzzles that bend the mind. Stay tuned till the end of their latest trailer for a musical surprise sure to delight fans!

Create Your Paradise in “Little Cities: Bigger!”

Relaxation meets creativity in “Little Cities: Bigger!”. This extension of the beloved city-building game comes packed with over 18 months of content, allowing players to craft their island utopias with intuitive VR controls. Experience the joy of construction like never before, now with even more to explore and create.

The Undead Apocalypse in VR: “Zombie Army VR”

Experience the horror and excitement of the zombie apocalypse through “Zombie Army VR”. Fight off hordes of zombies across war-torn Europe, armed with an authentic arsenal from World War 2. With online co-op, you and a friend can take on the undead together in a heart-pounding campaign.

Man’s Best Friend Joins “Arizona Sunshine 2”

“Arizona Sunshine 2” just got a whole lot friendlier with a new companion Buddy – a fearless corgi! Tackle the zombie apocalypse with your four-legged friend and enjoy new Horde mode maps for multiplayer action. This update, including the adorable corgi companion, is available now, free of charge.

Comrades in Arms in “Soul Covenant”

“Soul Covenant” offers a unique twist on narrative action JRPGs, where fallen comrades turn into formidable weapons. Set in a future Japan under siege by mechs, players will engage in intense melee combat as part of a four-strong squad. Transform your teammates’ remains into weapons to gain new combat abilities, turning the tide of battle in your favor.

With an exciting lineup of games and experiences on the horizon, PlayStation VR2 users have plenty to look forward to. From spellcasting to time-traveling, city-building, zombie slaying, and combat in futuristic Japan, the world of VR gaming continues to expand in both scope and imagination.

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