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In the ever-evolving world of video games, certain titles carve out a niche for themselves by earning the unwavering loyalty of their audience, thriving quietly yet powerfully. V Rising stands as a prime example of this phenomenon. Approaching its two-year anniversary since its early access debut, the game has continuously flourished, nurturing a dedicated fanbase that’s testament to its enduring appeal.

It’s with this backdrop of sustained success that an exciting announcement was made at Triple-I, a showcase event celebrating indie games. V Rising is set to welcome a thrilling addition that pays homage to the most iconic vampire saga in the world of entertainment: Castlevania. This collaboration, dubbed Legacy of Castlevania, brings an exhilarating challenge to the game by introducing us to the famed vampire hunter, Simon Belmont.

Legacy of Castlevania is not just any DLC; it’s a blend of both paid and free content that aims to enrich the V Rising experience significantly. Players will find themselves facing off against Belmont, testing their mettle with new combat abilities and weaponry inspired by the legendary series. This showdown promises to be an epic tribute to the Castlevania legacy, albeit with much of the nostalgic content accessible through the DLC.

But the collaboration doesn’t stop there. Accompanying the paid DLC is the Legacy of Castlevania Premium Pack, priced at 19.99 euros. This package is a treasure trove for fans, offering exclusive costumes, two refreshed renditions of the iconic tracks “Simon’s Theme” and “Bloody Tears,” and the unique opportunity to design a castle that reflects the classic gothic aesthetic of Castlevania. For the first time, players can immerse themselves in the fantasy of claiming Dracula’s legacy – not as his foe, but as a ruler of the night in their own right.

The integration of Castlevania into the world of V Rising doesn’t just expand the game’s universe; it opens up new avenues for storytelling and gameplay. Whether you’re a die-hard Castlevania enthusiast or a V Rising fan eager for fresh content, the Legacy of Castlevania and its accompanying premium pack offer something new and exciting to explore.

Mark your calendars for May 8th, as both the Legacy of Castlevania and the Legacy of Castlevania Premium Pack will make their grand debut on PC. This release not only marks the official graduation of V Rising from early access but also paves the way for its anticipated arrival on PlayStation 5 at a later date. As these worlds collide, the legacy of Castlevania breathes new life into the rich, immersive universe of V Rising, promising an unforgettable adventure for all who dare to confront Simon Belmont.

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