Airship AI Set to Showcase at Northland Growth Conference 2024

Redmond, Washington-based technology innovator Airship AI Holdings, Inc. (NASDAQ: AISP), renowned for its pioneering contributions to AI-driven surveillance solutions, has announced its participation in the upcoming Northland Growth Conference 2024. This virtual event, scheduled for June 25, 2024, serves as a pivotal platform for forward-thinking companies and investors focused on the future of technology and growth sectors.

At the heart of Airship AI’s presence will be its President, Paul Allen, who is slated to engage in a series of one-on-one virtual meetings throughout the conference. Allen’s discussions will revolve around the company’s impressive financial milestones in the first quarter of 2024, boasting a net revenue of $10.6 million alongside a gross profit of $2.6 million. The company’s trajectory of triple-digit revenue growth, positive cash flow for 2024, bolstered by significant orders from the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) and Department of Justice (DOJ), spotlights its robust operational and financial health. Furthermore, Allen is expected to delve into Airship AI’s promising 2024 pipeline, estimated at around $120 million, packed with mature opportunities ready for realization.

The Northland Growth Conference 2024 is set to unfurl virtually, offering a unique blend of accessibility and innovation in its format. The event welcomes stakeholder engagement via virtual one-on-one meetings, providing a seamless interface for deep dives into technological advancements and partnership opportunities.

Interested participants and investors seeking to engage with Airship AI management at the conference can arrange their meetings through Northland’s representatives, or directly via email at, or by reaching out to Chris Tyson at (949) 491-8235.

About Airship AI

Founded in 2006 and headquartered in Redmond, Washington, Airship AI stands at the forefront of AI-driven surveillance technology. The company’s mission is to enhance public safety and operational efficiency across both public sector and commercial landscapes. By harnessing predictive analytics and providing actionable intelligence, Airship AI aims to preempt events before they occur, thus shaping a safer, more efficient future.

Their product suite encompasses Outpost AI edge hardware and software, the Acropolis enterprise management software stack, and the Command series of visualization tools, collectively offering a comprehensive solution for surveillance and data management.

Amidst enthusiastic anticipation of future projects and expansions, the company also cautions stakeholders through forward-looking statements. These projections, aimed at offering insight into future plans and market positions, underscore a realistic acknowledgment of potential risks and uncertainties that may impact anticipated outcomes. With an emphasis on continuous assessment and adaptation, Airship AI remains committed to navigating these challenges, upholding transparency and stakeholder confidence.

As Airship AI prepares to engage with the vibrant community at the Northland Growth Conference 2024, its focus on innovation, collaboration, and strategic growth is clear. The company’s journey reflects a larger narrative of technological progress and the ongoing pursuit of excellence in the realm of AI-driven surveillance solutions.

For further details on Airship AI and its visionary path, stakeholders are encouraged to review the comprehensive materials and disclosures available through official channels and regulatory filings.

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