Altair Acquires Modern Data Fabric Provider Cambridge Semantics

In a significant move that has created a buzz in the tech industry, Altair, a titan in the field of computational intelligence, has announced the acquisition of Cambridge Semantics, an innovative provider of modern data fabric technology. This acquisition marks a key step in Altair’s strategy to expand its capabilities in data analytics and artificial intelligence (AI).

Cambridge Semantics is renowned for its pioneering work in analytical graph databases through its state-of-the-art data fabric technology. Their expertise in creating comprehensive enterprise knowledge graphs allows for the seamless integration of complex arrays of structured and unstructured data, simplifying it into an accessible, unified view.

By integrating Cambridge Semantics’ groundbreaking knowledge graph technology, Altair significantly enhances its portfolio, offering enterprises robust tools for building sophisticated analytics ecosystems. These ecosystems are designed to integrate AI into the fabric of daily business operations, ushering in a new era of intelligence and efficiency.

The integration of Cambridge Semantics’ technologies into the Altair RapidMiner platform is poised to revolutionize the platform’s capabilities. With the addition of knowledge graph, data governance, data virtualization, and data discovery technology, Altair RapidMiner will further empower users with advanced tools for data preparation, ETL, data science, business intelligence, MLOps, workload management, and orchestration.

Founded in 2007 by a forward-thinking team from IBM’s Advanced Technology Group, Cambridge Semantics was built upon the belief that semantic graph data models could fundamentally change the way organizations leverage their data. This vision led to groundbreaking advancements in analytics, strategic insights, and competitive differentiation. The team’s background includes critical roles in developing major data warehouses like IBM Netezza and Amazon Redshift, making it one of the most significant collections of knowledge graph expertise globally.

Key Quotes from the Acquisition

Discussing the importance of knowledge graphs in the context of data fabrics, a spokesperson for the acquisition noted, “Knowledge graphs are key pieces of data fabrics. They put the right data in the right hands at the right time. We believe Cambridge Semantics brings the fastest and most scalable knowledge graphs to organizations who have significant data volumes and deep questions. Additionally, knowledge graphs are critical for successful generative AI applications as they provide the business context necessary to ground generative AI models, eliminate hallucinations, and dramatically improve response quality.”

On the topic of the integration with Altair, a representative from Cambridge Semantics expressed enthusiasm, stating, “Joining Altair is a natural transition for Cambridge Semantics as we seek to accelerate the pace of our technology adoption. Historically, we have been very successful with Fortune 500, government, defense, life science, and manufacturing organizations. Bringing Cambridge Semantics to Altair’s broad customer base through the Altair Units business model – and integrating it into Altair RapidMiner – is an exciting prospect for us and for our customers.”

This acquisition not only represents a significant milestone for Altair and Cambridge Semantics but also signifies a new chapter in the evolution of data analytics and AI technology. As these two powerhouses combine their strengths, the potential for transforming how businesses operate and make decisions is immense, marking another leap forward in the journey towards a more intelligent and data-driven future.

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