Major Leap in Smart Transportation: The 4th International Summit Kickstarts Tomorrow

Ankara is gearing up for a pivotal moment in the realm of intelligent transportation systems. The 4th International Intelligent Transportation Systems Summit is set to unfold from May 2nd to May 4th, hosted at the illustrious Hacettepe University’s Tunçalp Özgen Congress and Culture Center. This event marks a significant milestone in the domain of transportation, organized under the keen guidance of the Turkish Intelligent Transportation Systems Association (AUS Turkey) and with the patronage of the Ministry of Transport and Infrastructure.

The summit’s inaugural ceremony will be graced by the presence of Abdulkadir Uraloğlu, the Minister of Transport and Infrastructure. The event promises to be a fertile ground for discussions on the latest projects in transportation systems, taking stock of the current landscape and sketching out the road ahead for future advancements.

In a pressing statement, Minister Uraloğlu outlined the core objective of deploying smart transportation systems: to mitigate accidents and preserve lives. “Through the integration of smart transportation systems, we aim to enhance safety by establishing comprehensive monitoring, measurement, analysis, and control mechanisms. This extensive data exchange network encompasses the user, vehicle, infrastructure, and center, ensuring a significant reduction in accidents,” he asserted.

The Minister further unveiled ambitious plans within the Istanbul landscape, particularly focusing on the K-AUS Test and Application Corridor under the umbrella of the Central Software Platform Development Project for Cooperative and Intelligent Transportation Systems (K-AUS). He detailed, “The General Directorate of Highways will spearhead the development of the software infrastructure for the Main ITS Center, which will oversee the Intelligent Transportation Systems Central Software Platform and Mobile Application.”

This wide-ranging project will see the installation of advanced signaling systems, camera systems, vehicle sensor systems, and simulation software. “Türksat will finalize the infrastructure for the central and regional system equipment and control rooms,” Minister Uraloğlu added, highlighting the comprehensive scope of the project.

With a spotlight on the innovative business intelligence and decision support system at the Main ITS Center, the Minister emphasized the strategic advantage of interpreting data from hundreds of sensors across highways. “This not only propels our smart transportation systems to match global standards but does so on the strength of national infrastructure,” he proudly stated.

A particularly exciting development involves the creation of a smart corridor spanning 30 kilometers, linking Hasdal and Istanbul Airport. Slated for completion by the end of next year, this corridor aims to facilitate seamless data transmission from ITS systems to in-vehicle units. Minister Uraloğlu elaborated, “This corridor will witness the deployment of an array of infrastructure systems including roadside units, in-vehicle units, and sophisticated vehicle sensor systems, among others.” This initiative is expected to enhance the synergy between vehicle, infrastructure, and center, thereby augmenting the capacity and performance of road transportation while promoting mobility and sustainability.

“This groundbreaking project positions Turkey at the forefront of smart transportation technologies, leveraging local and national capabilities to align with global standards,” Minister Uraloğlu concluded, with a vision of transforming the transportation landscape through innovative and intelligent systems.

As the summit unfolds, it will not only bring to light the significant strides Turkey is making in intelligent transportation but also set the stage for a global dialogue on the future of mobility. The stage is set for a transformative journey into the future of smart transportation, starting tomorrow at Hacettepe University.

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