Arasan Achieves ISO26262 Certification for Its Advanced MIPI Camera IP Solution

In a significant advancement for mobile storage and connectivity IP solutions, Arasan has proudly announced the ISO26262 functional certification of its Total MIPI Camera IP solution. This state-of-the-art technology merges both the MIPI CSI-2, in both Transmit and Receive modes, with the MIPI C-PHY, enabling extraordinary speeds of up to 54.72Gbps.

The innovative integration permits configuration in either Transmit mode, utilizing MIPI CSI-2 IP alongside MIPI C-PHY Tx IP, or Receive mode, pairing MIPI CSI-2 Rx IP with MIPI C-PHY Rx IP. This versatility underpins the solution’s capability to cater to a broad spectrum of high-resolution imaging needs across critical sectors such as defense, aerospace, and medical fields, where fail-safe operation is paramount.

Furthermore, the certification envelops the use of Arasan’s MIPI D-PHY Tx IP or MIPI D-PHY Rx IP with the corresponding MIPI CSI Controller IP. The inclusion of MIPI D-PHY + CSI IP, renowned for its application in low-resolution camera sensor projects, expands its utilitarian scope into areas demanding uncompromising reliability.

For imaging enterprises aspiring to evolve prototypes or manufacture high-resolution camera products in limited quantities, Arasan’s licensing options for its MIPI CSI IP in alignment with the MIPI C-PHY/D-PHY Combo ASIC present a formidable choice. This offering underlines Arasan’s commitment to fostering innovation and supporting the development of state-of-the-art imaging solutions.

Beyond the MIPI CSI-2 IP, Arasan’s portfolio extends into comprehensive IP solutions tailored for automotive System on Chips (SoCs), further comprising Ethernet, CAN FD/XL, and USB technologies. This breadth of offerings positions Arasan as a versatile partner for advanced SoC development.

The ISO26262 certification signifies that customers opting to license Arasan’s CSI Controller IP can proceed with confidence, assured of its conformity with rigorous standards and its capacity to facilitate testing compliance effectively.

Arasan Chip System’s engagement in the development of C-PHY v2.0/D-PHY Combo Test chip, which supports speeds exceeding 4.5gsps, demonstrates its commitment to pushing the boundaries of IP solution performance. This test chip, fabricated on a cutting-edge TSMC foundry FINFET Test Chip, exemplifies the capabilities of the C-PHY/D-phy Combo, further illustrated by the detailed Eye Diagram captured from Arasan’s TestChip in CPHY mode.

Since aligning with the MIPI Association in 2005, Arasan Chip Systems has contributed significantly to the IP solutions landscape for mobile storage and connectivity interfaces. With over a billion chips shipped incorporating Arasan’s MIPI IP, the company has cemented its status as a provider of high-quality, silicon-proven Total IP Solutions. These solutions bridge multiple domains, including digital IP, AMS PHY IP, Verification IP, HDK, and software, aligning with the evolving needs from PDAs in the mid-‘90s to today’s cutting-edge applications in automobiles, drones, and IoT devices.

Arasan continues to lead the “Mobile” evolution, delivering standards-based IP solutions that serve as the bedrock for Mobile System on Chips (SoCs), ensuring their vital place in the future of mobility and connectivity.

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