Beeworks Games Unveils “Idle Mushroom Garden Deluxe” for Mobile Devices

In an exciting development for fans of mobile gaming, Beeworks Games, a renowned Japanese game developer, has officially launched “Idle Mushroom Garden Deluxe” in English, making it accessible on both Google Play and the App Store. This new release expands on the foundations laid by its predecessor, “Mushroom Garden Prime,” which quickly captured the hearts of over half a million users within two months of its release.

The game introduces players to a delightful farming simulator centered around a charming character, “Funghi”. Its gameplay is designed for ease and relaxation, allowing players to grow their mushroom garden with just a few taps and swipes, a perfect pastime for anyone needing a quick break from the hustle and bustle of daily life.

“Idle Mushroom Garden Deluxe” sets itself apart with an impressive variety of 29 logs and over 700 types of Funghi to discover. Part of its allure comes from the thrill of potentially coming across a rare Funghi under special conditions. The game does not just stop at farming; it also incorporates elements of decoration and mission completion, providing a well-rounded experience for players.

With its free availability across a wide range of regions including Japan, the United States, Australia, South Korea, and various Southeast Asian countries, alongside in-app purchase options, “Idle Mushroom Garden Deluxe” promises an engaging and accessible gaming experience. Its compatibility with Android and iOS devices ensures that a vast audience can enjoy this casual farming simulation game.

About the “Mushroom Garden” Series

Since its initial release in 2011, the “Mushroom Garden” series has grown to become a beloved franchise in mobile gaming, amassing over 60 million downloads globally. The series has enjoyed a consistent popularity in Japan, leading to a variety of merchandise and events. Its appeal has also crossed over to international markets, finding fans in countries like South Korea, Taiwan, and the United States.

The Beeworks Games Philosophy

Beeworks Games stands out in the gaming industry for its commitment to originality and creating enjoyable gaming experiences. Their focus is on crafting uniquely engaging games and characters that resonate with a wide demographic of fans, spanning various ages and interests. “Idle Mushroom Garden Deluxe” exemplifies this dedication, offering an original and endearing gaming experience to users worldwide.

As “Idle Mushroom Garden Deluxe” takes its first steps into the global gaming landscape, Beeworks Games is eager to see the community’s response and looks forward to enriching their audience’s gaming experiences with even more inventive content in the future.

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