Mohan Babu University Hosts Conference on Interdisciplinary Collaboration: Bridging AI, Healthcare, and Green Tech with Global Experts

The sprawling campus of Mohan Babu University in Tirupati recently became a nexus for innovation and interdisciplinary dialogue, playing host to the groundbreaking National Conference on Artificial Intelligence, Bio-Medical Signal Processing, Computing, and Data Communication Systems (NCABCD – 2024). This pivotal event sought to bridge the gap between groundbreaking technologies and their application in healthcare, highlighting the synergies between AI, signal processing, computing, and communication systems.

Leading the charge were illustrious keynote speakers such as Mrs. Ponsana David, the visionary CEO of Thai Green Power Solution from Bangkok, and the esteemed Dr. Noor Mahammad Sk, an Associate Professor renowned for his work at IIITDM, Kancheepuram. They were joined by a roster of distinguished guests, including Mr. Kandaswamy Murugesan, the Founder and Managing Director of Thai Green Power Solution, Bangkok, setting the stage for a day of enriching discussions and networking.

The highlights of the conference were manifold, with a particular focus on the role of Blockchain Technology in Revolutionizing Renewable Energy. This panel discussion unpacked the transformative potential of blockchain for the energy sector, emphasizing its capacity to enable transparent transactions, decentralization, and enhanced energy traceability. The event, marking a significant milestone in the journey towards green and sustainable solutions, welcomed over 600 participants. This diverse group ranged from undergraduate and postgraduate students to research scholars, fostering an environment ripe for knowledge exchange and ideation on the future of healthcare and renewable energy.

The conference was notably enriched by a wealth of submissions, receiving 300 abstracts from across India. Out of these, 230 were accepted, leading to 180 enthusiastic registrations. The culmination of these efforts was the publication of selected abstracts, each accorded an ISBN number, signifying a valuable addition to the body of research in these critical areas.

Discussions at the conference ventured into a wide spectrum of topics, addressing not only the ethical and societal implications of technology but also showcasing the latest advancements across a variety of sectors. This included the integration of AI in healthcare systems, the evolution of autonomous vehicles, governance models, diagnostic technologies, wearable health monitoring devices, and much more. The conference also served as a platform for exploring next-gen technologies such as brain-computer interfaces, IoT innovations, quantum computing, and cloud computing. Additionally, it broached the increasingly pertinent issue of cybersecurity threats and smart home technology, ensuring comprehensive coverage of the challenges and opportunities that define our modern technological landscape.

By uniting experts and innovators from diverse fields, the conference at Mohan Babu University not only highlighted the cutting-edge developments within AI, healthcare, and green technology but also solidified the role of interdisciplinary collaboration in driving progress. As the discussions concluded, it was clear that the event had sparked important conversations and set the stage for future advancements, signaling a bright future for these rapidly evolving sectors.


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