Central Group Champions Artistic Expression at Venice’s Esteemed Biennale Arte 2024

The prestigious 60th International Art Exhibition, known as Biennale Arte 2024, currently unfolds in the historic city of Venice, Italy. This global platform, revered for its long-standing commitment to showcasing contemporary art, continues to captivate the art world through its Collateral Events — a segment dedicated to presenting works by a diverse array of artists from across the globe. These artists, selected by notable organizations, promise to offer spectators a unique window into varied cultural perspectives and artistic endeavors.

Amidst this creative rendezvous, Central Group has stepped forward to spotlight the talents of Thai and Filipino artists, bringing a slice of Southeast Asia to the European art scene. This initiative is part of their broader ambition to foster global appreciation for ASEAN artists and enhance Thailand’s cultural prestige on the world stage.

The artists, handpicked by Prof Apinan Poshyananda — a luminary in the art world, serving as the Artistic Director and Chief Executive of the Bangkok Art Biennale — have previously enchanted audiences in Thailand with their compelling narratives. Prof Apinan, with his discerning eye for distinctive art, has curated over 40 exceptional pieces from 15 artists representing the vibrant spirit and rich cultural heritage of Southeast Asia.

The artworks chosen for this illustrious event thrive at the intersection of personal identity and global cultures, inviting art lovers to explore and engage with perspectives from across the world. These pieces are showcased at the Palazzo Smith Mangilli Valmarana, turning it into a focal point for art aficionados and curious minds in Venice.

Highlighting the selection is “A Symphony Dyed Blue,” a video installation by Kawita Vatanajyankur. This Thai artist captures viewers with her poignant commentary on environmental degradation caused by the fashion industry. Through her vivid portrayal, Vatanajyankur becomes one with machinery, weaving yarns in a toxic concoction of denim dyes, ultimately questioning the social and ecological impacts of fashion. This thought-provoking piece was initially commissioned by Central Department Store and later took a virtual form at CentralWorld, fostering an interactive art experience titled “VOIDSCAPE.”

Complementing this narrative is “14 Stations Of The Cross” by the late Alwin Reamillo. This Filipino artist’s creation draws from Christian themes to construct a series of mixed-media works that echo the format of large matchboxes, serving as altars or shrines. These pieces delve into the historical and contemporary significances of Christianity and the Catholic Church, offering a reflective space for viewers. Reamillo’s work, supported by Jing Jai Gallery, marked his poignant final solo exhibition.

Central Group, by operating Jing Jai Gallery within the vibrant Jing Jai Market in Chiang Mai, affirms its commitment to the arts. This venue not only exhibits works by renowned and emerging artists from Thailand and beyond but also fosters a deeper interaction between the public and contemporary art.

As the Biennale Arte 2024 unfolds, Central Group’s participation underscores the essential role of corporate support in elevating the arts. By bridging geographical and cultural divides, their initiative ensures that the voices of Southeast Asian artists resonate within the global art community, enriching the cultural tapestry experienced by audiences worldwide.

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