Creanord and Lounea Harness AI to Predict Network Congestion

In a groundbreaking collaboration, Creanord, a pioneer in network performance monitoring, and Lounea, a Finnish leader in broadband fiber connectivity, have jointly announced the culmination of a research initiative leveraging machine learning (ML) and artificial intelligence (AI) to foresee network congestion incidents before they occur. This innovative project promises to transform network service assurance by enabling preemptive management of potential bottlenecks, thereby enhancing the user experience.

The ambitious collaboration aimed to create a forward-thinking approach in service assurance. By integrating Creanord’s PULSure solution—known for its robust network measurement and analytics capabilities—with the real-world data and infrastructure of Lounea’s production network, the partnership sought to forge a new path in network management. “Our combined efforts signify a quantum leap in service assurance,” stated Claus Still, CEO of Creanord. “The integration of AI and ML technologies allows us to shift from a reactive to a proactive stance in dealing with network issues.”

The joint research delved into several AI and ML methodologies, among which gradient boosting methods, random forest classifiers (RFCs), support vector regressors, and neural networks were thoroughly tested. “Our findings indicate that RFCs standout, delivering consistent and dependable predictions for future network anomalies,” noted Husnul Abid, a leading researcher at Creanord. “Achieving prediction accuracy close to 85% in the current landscape of unpredictable, video-heavy network traffic is an impressive feat.”

The predictive model developed through this collaboration offers numerous advantages to network operators and their clientele:

  • Enables proactive identification and resolution of network congestion before it affects the user.
  • Allows for better allocation of network investments, targeting enhancements where they are most critically needed.
  • Ensures a higher level of service reliability with fewer disruptions.

For consumers, this equates to a more reliable network connection, ensuring smoother access to essential services such as video streaming and video conferencing. “Network performance is crucial in the current era of digital dependence,” remarked Riku Päärni, CTO of Lounea. “The insights gained from this research could fundamentally change the way networks are managed, delivering uninterrupted service to users.”

The success of this project does not signify an end, but rather a starting point for future endeavors in AI-powered network management. Creanord and Lounea have expressed a sustained commitment towards the continuous improvement of service assurance solutions. The achievements of their research lay the groundwork for further advancements in predictive analytics, predictive maintenance, and network optimization on a global scale.

This pioneering effort not only showcases the potential of AI and ML in enhancing network efficiency and customer satisfaction but also establishes a blueprint for future innovations in the field of network service assurance.

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