Cryptohack Roundup: Conviction in Home Invasions Case

The digital landscape witnesses its fair share of cyberattacks and fraudulent schemes, especially within the cryptocurrency domain. This week’s roundup covers significant legal and cyber security developments, including a high-profile conviction, increased bounty for the elusive Crypto Queen, cryptocurrency exchange hacks, and warnings against emerging crypto scams.

High Stakes Conviction: Remy St. Felix’s Crime Spree Ends

In a significant crackdown on cryptocurrency-related crimes, Remy St. Felix, 24, from West Palm Beach, was convicted by a U.S. court for leading a notorious gang in a string of violent home invasions targeting wealthy individuals to steal cryptocurrency. Between September 2022 and July 2023, St. Felix and his crew orchestrated several home invasions across North Carolina, New York, Florida, and Texas, employing extreme measures including assault, kidnapping, and threats to life, to loot victims of their digital assets.

One notable incident involved an elderly couple in Durham, North Carolina, who were terrorized by St. Felix and an accomplice in April 2023. The criminals, disguised as construction workers, restrained the couple at gunpoint while a third accomplice remotely siphoned over $150,000 from the husband’s cryptocurrency wallet. St. Felix’s arsenal of intimidation included threats of severe physical harm to ensure compliance from their victims.

Following his arrest in July 2023, St. Felix faces a potential life sentence, with convictions spanning nine counts including conspiracy and wire fraud, signaling a stern message to criminals lurking in the digital shadows.

The Hunt for the Crypto Queen Escalates

The U.S. Department of State has ramped up efforts to capture Ruja Ignatova, also known as the Crypto Queen, elevating the bounty to $5 million for information leading to her arrest. Ignatova, who vanished in 2017, is wanted for orchestrating OneCoin, a fraudulent scheme that deceived investors out of over $4 billion. Notorious for her cunning, Ignatova may have altered her appearance through plastic surgery to evade law enforcement and is believed to be traveling with armed guards.

Notable Attacks on Cryptocurrency Platforms

Recent cyberattacks targeted Turkish exchange BtcTurk and the portfolio management app CoinStats, resulting in significant losses. BtcTurk’s security breach led to the theft of funds from ten hot wallets, estimating losses around $54 million. In an alarming development, CoinStats revealed that 1,590 of its hosted wallets were compromised due to a cyberattack, likely perpetrated by North Korea’s Lazarus Group. The company has temporarily suspended services to its 1.5 million users to mitigate further risks.

Global Warnings and Fines

The cryptocurrency sector continues to grapple with regulatory and security challenges, underscored by Binance’s $2.25 million fine in India for violations related to anti-money laundering standards. Additionally, the FBI issued a warning about the rise in fraudulent schemes promising cryptocurrency recovery, which not only drain victims’ wallets but also expose them to identity theft.



As the digital asset landscape evolves, it remains a battleground for both innovation and exploitation. This week’s developments highlight the ongoing efforts by law enforcement and regulatory bodies to clamp down on illicit activities, safeguard investors, and establish a secure and trustworthy crypto ecosystem. As technology advances, the vigilance of both users and authorities will be paramount in protecting against emerging threats in the cryptocurrency space.

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