GTA Online Halloween Event to Feature Ghosts, UFO Abductions, and New Weather Effects

With the anticipation building ahead of the eagerly awaited Bottom Dollar Bounties DLC, remarkable details have emerged about what players can expect from this year’s GTA Online Halloween celebration. For those who revel in the game’s spookiest season, the upcoming event is shaping up to be more enthralling than ever, with an array of features designed to send shivers down the spine.

The festivities are set to bring back the Ghosts Exposed Ghost Hunting event, a player favorite from last year. This year’s iteration promises a blend of familiarity and innovation. While the essence of the spooky collectibles pursuit remains the same, a thrilling adjustment has been made to the finale of the ghostly quest. Players will find themselves chasing the phantom of Dom Beasley, a name that may spark nostalgia for veterans of Grand Theft Auto 5’s Story Mode. Beasley, known for his thrill-seeking escapades, met a tragic fate in 2013, and now returns to haunt the living in the digital world of Los Santos.

Adding to the spectral excitement, the Halloween event will revive the enigmatic phenomenon of UFO sightings, a hallmark of the season’s celebrations in previous years. This year, however, there’s an electrifying twist: players might suddenly find themselves abducted by these unidentified flying objects. The abductions will whisk players away to the secretive corridors of the Fort Zancudo Bunker, where they will face a critical decision. Escape and survive, or stay and face an uncertain fate — the choice will be in their hands, adding a compelling layer of strategy to the Halloween thrills.

The 2024 Halloween event is also set to introduce innovative weather effects specifically designed to enhance the eerie atmosphere. Leaked information hints at two new weather settings: “Snow Halloween” and “Rain Halloween.” While both promise to create a fittingly ghostly ambiance, it appears the rainy weather effect, in particular, will play a significant role in setting the mood for this year’s event.

As the release date for the Bottom Dollar Bounties DLC draws near, the GTA Online community is buzzing with excitement and speculation. These leaked details have sparked a wave of anticipation, and players are eager for an official announcement from Rockstar Games. Whether it’s hunting the ghosts of Los Santos, experiencing the thrill of a UFO abduction, or braving the chilling new weather effects, this Halloween promises a perfect blend of scares and surprises that will keep players coming back for more.

With so much awaiting them in the shadowy corners of GTA Online, players can only guess what other secrets and surprises Rockstar has up its sleeve for this year’s Halloween extravaganza. Until the official reveal, the community remains on the edge of their seats, waiting for the chance to dive into the ghostly and the unknown.

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