Google Rolls Out Major Updates for Gemini AI Chatbot, Yet Remains Absent in EU and UK

In a significant move towards expanding its digital footprint, Google has recently announced a series of major updates to its Gemini AI chatbot, marking its ambitious goal to avail the service on a global scale. Despite the expansion, the tech giant disclosed that the app is not yet accessible in two critical markets: the European Union (EU) and the United Kingdom (UK). This development comes alongside the enhancement of language support for both the Gemini app itself and its Extensions feature, broadening the chatbot’s utility across various regions.

Gemini App’s Global Journey

The Gemini app has made its way to over 150 countries, catering to users on both Android and iOS platforms. Android users can engage with Gemini through the designated app, while iOS users will find it integrated within the Google app, under the Gemini tab. This expansion is touted to “supercharge” the user experience in terms of creativity and productivity through an array of languages, as Google ambitiously stated on a social media post on X.

However, residents in the EU and the UK will have to wait longer to access the app. Google attributes this delay to the need for compliance with local regulations and adherence to its AI principles, promising an eventual expansion to these territories.

Diversity through Languages

The commitment to making AI more accessible and useful across different cultures and languages is evident in the Gemini app’s support for an extensive variety of languages including but not limited to Japanese, Korean, Spanish, Portuguese, English, Chinese, French, German, and Italian. Google’s approach aims to facilitate a seamless interaction with the AI chatbot, enabling users to get assistance in writing, planning, learning among other tasks in their native or preferred language.

Enhanced Extensions Feature

In a parallel stride towards versatility, the Extensions feature has also received a significant language boost. This update allows users to engage with real-time information from an array of Google apps and services such as YouTube, Maps, Flights, and Hotels in over 40 new languages. Furthermore, with Extensions like Gmail, Docs, and Drive, users can effortlessly search, summarize, and fetch answers from their personal content, maintaining control over their privacy settings.

A notable ease of use has been introduced through Chrome, where users can simply type ‘@gemini’ in the address bar followed by their query to initiate Gemini with the corresponding response.

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