Triumphs at Duck Creek 2024 Hatch-a-Thon with Innovative AI Solution

In a notable gathering of minds and technology at the Formation ’24 conference in Dallas, clinched the top spot in the Duck Creek Hatch-a-Thon for the Solutions Partners category. This accolade came after a rigorous evaluation by the Duck Creek Advisory Board and conference attendees, underscoring the significant impact of’s Medical Treatment Compliance solution on the insurance industry.

Automating Medical Treatment Compliance with AI

Amidst strong competition from 40 entrants, distinguished itself by automating the traditionally manual and subjective process of Medical Treatment Compliance. This innovative solution enables claims professionals to navigate the complex and voluminous insurance language data more effectively. It is especially crucial for managing outcomes in accident and injury lines like worker’s compensation or auto bodily injury, where quick access to precise information can substantially influence results. leverages deep domain expertise and its advanced technologies, including generative AI, semantic AI, and the proprietary enterprise language model for Insurance (ELMI). These AI-powered capabilities provide Duck Creek users with rapid answers to medical compliance queries, reduce unnecessary payments for non-compliant treatments, and enhance the overall P&C compliance process.

A Celebration of Innovation

Oliver Werneyer, VP of Product Strategy at Duck Creek Technologies, highlighted the Hatch-a-Thon not just as a competition, but as a celebration of innovative solutions that propel the insurance industry towards a nimbler and more informed future. “ demonstrated a deep understanding of the P&C insurance challenges, particularly in automating the nuanced Medical Treatment Compliance process. Their solution stands as a beacon of the transformative potential of AI in making informed, consistent, and efficient decisions, significantly reducing risks and costs,” Werneyer remarked.

Driving Outcomes through AI

Antonio Linari, Head of Innovation at, expressed his enthusiasm: “Our solution for medical treatment compliance aligns with Duck Creek Technologies’ innovation ethos and commitment to driving value. We’re excited to highlight how our advancements in AI can further enrich the Duck Creek suite and bring about a new era of efficiency and effectiveness for insurers.”

For those eager to explore how is revolutionizing Medical Treatment Compliance with its AI-driven solution, detailed information is available on their website.

About Duck Creek Technologies

Duck Creek Technologies is at the forefront of redefining the P&C and general insurance industry landscape through its intelligent solutions. It powers modern insurance systems, allowing the industry to harness cloud computing’s benefits for agile, intelligent, and evergreen operations. Duck Creek’s commitment to authenticity, purpose, and transparency reflects its belief in insurance’s vital role in providing indispensable support to people and businesses.

About stands as a pioneer in enterprise AI, addressing complex language challenges across various sectors. From enhancing publisher information access to streamlining insurance operations, and from driving pharmaceutical discoveries to improving financial services customer interactions,’s AI solutions automate traditional processes with unmatched efficiency. By integrating Large Language Models, Machine Learning, and Symbolic AI, is pushing the boundaries of hybrid AI technology to serve its global clientele effectively.

To discover more about and its groundbreaking AI solutions, visit their website.

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