Is Grounded Cross Platform? Discover Seamless Co-op Play Across Devices

Obsidian Entertainment’s Grounded stands out in the gaming world by transporting players into a unique survival experience, miniaturizing them to the size of ants. This adventure begs the question of whether friends across different platforms can join forces to tackle the game’s challenges together. The good news? Grounded champions cross-platform play, bridging Xbox and PC gamers in a seamless cooperative play.

Discover the World of Grounded Across Platforms

Setting foot into the enchanting yet treacherous backyard of Grounded is straightforward, regardless of your chosen platform. The game’s crossplay and cross-progression features between Xbox and PC mean that no gamer is left behind, regardless of their device preference. Whether you’re accessing the game through the Microsoft Store on Xbox or preferring the Steam version on PC, the integration with Xbox Live accounts ensures that your progress and gaming worlds transition smoothly across platforms.

System Requirements and Availability

Grounded casts a wide net in terms of accessibility, available to a broad audience across Xbox and PC. Here’s what you need to know about where you can play Grounded and the requirements to run it:

  • Xbox: Accessible via the console’s store or Xbox Game Pass. Compatible with Xbox One and the Xbox Series X|S consoles.
  • PC: Available on PC through both Steam and the Microsoft Store.

As for the system requirements, they vary slightly between platforms:

  • PC Minimum Requirements: Includes Windows 7 (SP1) 64bit, Intel Core i3-3225, 4 GB RAM, Nvidia GTX 650 Ti, and 8 GB available space.
  • PC Recommended Requirements: Upgrades to Windows 10 64bit, Intel Core i7-7700K, 8 GB RAM, Nvidia GTX 1060, and the same storage space.

The Essence of Cross-Platform Play

Cross-platform gaming fosters a more connected and broader gaming community, allowing players to join from different devices without hindrance. Grounded exemplifies this by supporting full cross-platform capabilities between PC and Xbox. This integration ensures more dynamic multiplayer experiences, shorter wait times, and the ability to stay connected with friends regardless of the platform.

Setting Up Multiplayer Adventures

Engaging in Grounded with friends is a breeze. The game facilitates multiplayer sessions across platforms, ensuring you can team up for survival no matter the device. Hosting a game or joining an existing one is done through the game’s main menu, making multiplayer sessions easily accessible and endlessly enjoyable.

Seamless Game Progress Across Devices

The adventure doesn’t stop just because you switch platforms. Grounded’s cross-progression feature ensures that your progress, save files, and game world travel with you, whether you’re shifting from Xbox to PC or vice versa. This seamless transition means that your adventures keep rolling, uninterrupted by platform changes.

Craft, Build, and Grow with the Community

At its core, Grounded is about more than survival; it’s a platform for creativity and community. Players gather resources, craft essential tools, and build from simple shelters to complex fortresses. The integrated community further enhances the gameplay experience, offering guides, tips, and collaborative opportunities to make your backyard survival truly unique.

Grounded marries the thrill of exploration and survival with the benefits of cross-platform play, making it an ideal game for friends eager to embark on adventures together, irrespective of their gaming device. Forge ahead into the backyard, and let Grounded’s immersive world captivate your imagination and cooperative spirit.

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