AAEON Unveils MXM-ACMA: A Leap in Multiscreen Digital Signage with Intel Arc Graphics

In an exciting development for the world of industrial and embedded computing, AAEON has introduced the MXM-ACMA, a groundbreaking embedded graphics module. This new addition marks a significant advancement in digital signage, gaming, edge AI, and healthcare imaging solutions, powered by the latest Intel® Arc™ A-Series graphics.

The MXM-ACMA emerges as AAEON’s premiere venture into the MXM 3.1 Type A form factor realm, engineered to supercharge performance and computational abilities across a spectrum of applications. With an architecture that includes 4GB of GDDR6 memory and the prowess of ray tracing and Intel® Deep Link Technologies, this module is tailored to enhance data processing speeds and rendering capabilities exponentially.

AAEON offers flexibility in GPU choice with the Intel® Arc™ A370M or Intel® Arc™ A350M options, equipping the MXM-ACMA with up to 128 Intel® Xe Matrix Extension (Intel® XMX) engines. This arsenal spans across up to eight Xe-cores, providing an immense boost in computational power ideal for AI workloads. The addition of ray tracing technology further empowers the module, accelerating the training and inference processes critical for machine learning models.

One of the MXM-ACMA’s standout features is its support for quadruple display outputs via DP++ 1.4 or HDMI 2.1 interfaces. This capability enables a vast array of visual setups, from high-quality, reliable multi-screen digital signage installations to interactive gaming environments. Such versatility ensures that users can create expansive and immersive visual experiences with ease.

True to AAEON’s commitment to durability and versatility, the MXM-ACMA operates within an industrial temperature range of 32°F to 140°F (0°C to 60°C). It is compatible with both Windows and Ubuntu operating systems, offering extensive development flexibility. The module takes advantage of a myriad of open-source, cross-platform development tools such as OpenCL™, OpenGL®, OpenVINO™, and DirectX 12 Ultimate, all supported by its Intel® Arc™ A-Series graphics foundation.

About AAEON:

Since its establishment in 1992, AAEON has risen to the forefront as a designer and manufacturer of advanced industrial IoT and AI Edge solutions. With innovation at its core, AAEON delivers high-quality, reliable computing platforms, including industrial motherboards and systems, rugged tablets, embedded AI Edge systems, uCPE network appliances, and LoRaWAN/WWAN solutions. AAEON’s experience and expertise in OEM/ODM services are recognized worldwide, contributing to the development and deployment of Smart City ecosystems globally. The company prides itself on working closely with premier chip designers, ensuring the delivery of stable and reliable platforms. As it continues to forge pathways in the tech industry, AAEON remains a key player in enabling smart technology solutions across various sectors.

The MXM-ACMA module by AAEON represents a significant leap forward in the capability and flexibility of digital signage and graphical rendering solutions. With its robust support for multi-display setups and powerful computational capabilities, it paves the way for a new era of digital interaction, whether in public spaces, healthcare facilities, or the dynamic world of gaming and entertainment.

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