Cognex Unveils Revolutionary In-Sight L38: The Fusion of AI, 2D, and 3D Vision Technologies

Cognex Corporation (NASDAQ: CGNX), a globally recognized leader in industrial machine vision, has taken a monumental leap forward with the launch of the In-Sight L38 3D Vision System. This pioneering technology seamlessly integrates artificial intelligence (AI) with both 2D and 3D vision capabilities to address a broad spectrum of inspection and measurement challenges in manufacturing automation.

The In-Sight L38 stands out by generating innovative projection images that merge 3D data into an easily trainable 2D format. This simplifies the training process by exposing features that remain undetected in traditional 2D imaging. Leveraging AI, the system adeptly identifies varying or undefined attributes, while rule-based algorithms contribute precise 3D measurements, thereby ensuring dependable inspection outcomes.

Carl Gerst, Cognex’s Executive Vice President of Vision and ID Products, emphasizes the system’s importance in modern factory settings. “The In-Sight L38 transcends the traditional 3D vision system paradigms. By infusing AI, we offer a groundbreaking solution that sets unprecedented quality and performance benchmarks in automated inspections,” he remarks.

One of the key advantages of the In-Sight L38 is its intuitive setup, powered by embedded AI technology. This technology utilizes pre-trained models specifically designed for certain domains, drastically reducing the complexity often associated with configuring 3D systems. The system’s AI-centric 3D tools can be deployed within minutes, needing just 5 to 10 labeled images to automate complex tasks. It represents an evolutionary step forward, capable of identifying intricate defects, measuring three-dimensional variances, and delivering outcomes in real-world metrics effortlessly.

A unique feature of the In-Sight L38 is its patented, speckle-free laser optics that substantially reduce visual noise and glare. This innovation allows for the capture of higher resolution images compared to traditional laser displacement sensors. Further, its high-powered laser enhances acquisition rates, accommodating higher line speeds without compromising safety, as it adheres to Class 2 safety standards.

The development of the In-Sight L38 Vision System underscores Cognex’s unwavering dedication to innovation. This product not only sets new standards for 3D inspection but also furthers advancements in manufacturing automation.

About Cognex Corporation

Cognex Corporation is at the forefront of inventing and commercializing innovative technologies that tackle some of the most critical challenges in manufacturing and distribution. As a leading global provider, Cognex delivers machine vision products and solutions that enhance productivity and quality across diverse industrial markets. The company’s offerings combine hardware and software to capture and analyze visual information, thereby facilitating the automation of various manufacturing and distribution tasks. Machine vision is pivotal in scenarios where human vision falls short of meeting accuracy, size, or speed requirements, or where significant cost reductions or quality enhancements are achieved.

For further details on the In-Sight L38 3D Vision System, interested parties can visit or contact Cognex directly at 1-855-4-COGNEX.

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