Donald Trump Gushes About a Speech ‘Rewritten with AI’: “What It Does Is So Crazy”

In a fascinating revelation on the Impaulsive podcast hosted by Logan Paul, former President Donald Trump shared his experience with artificial intelligence (AI), highlighting its incredible potential and also its risks. Trump, known for his unscripted and candid speaking style, expressed sheer amazement at AI’s ability to rewrite a speech for him, which he enthusiastically decided to use.

During the podcast, Trump recounted his experience, “I had a speech rewritten by AI out there, one of the top people. He said, “Oh, you’re gonna make a speech.” “Yeah.” He goes click click click, and like 15 seconds later, he shows me my speech, written so beautifully, I said, “I’m gonna use this.” His admiration for the technology was evident as he continued to describe it as ‘unbelievable’ and ‘fast.’

However, Trump’s awe of the technology was matched by his caution, “It’s really powerful stuff,” he said, underscoring the need for careful handling of AI. Trump’s experience illuminates the broader implications of AI in various industries, including political campaigning and speechwriting. “It comes out with the most beautiful writing…I think that will be gone are these wonderful speechwriters,” Trump mused, hinting at the transformative impact AI could have on traditional roles.

The conversation took a more serious turn as Trump touched upon the subject of deepfakes, a form of AI-generated content that can create highly convincing fake videos or audio recordings. Trump shared an anecdote about being shown a deepfake video of himself endorsing a product, noting how the voice and lip movements were flawlessly executed. He raised concerns about the potential for misuse of such technology, especially in sensitive scenarios like a fake declaration of a nuclear attack by a president, demonstrating the critical importance of managing and regulating AI technologies.

The broader context of AI’s role in political campaigns and its potential for misuse was further explored. The 2024 presidential race is already seeing the influence of advanced, affordable generative AI technologies, marking a new frontier for political engagement and misinformation. An incident involving a deepfake of President Joe Biden was highlighted, where the AI-generated robocall falsely advised Democrats in New Hampshire not to vote in the state’s presidential primary, spotlighting the challenges and dangers posed by unchecked AI in political domains.

The Federal Communications Commission (FCC) has responded to the growing concern over AI-generated robocalls, proposing substantial fines against those responsible for creating and distributing deceptive content. The crackdown underscores the urgency of addressing AI’s role in elections and its capacity to undermine democratic processes.

In conclusion, Donald Trump’s musings on AI’s capabilities—ranging from speech writing to creating worryingly realistic deepfakes—underscore the duality of technology: its potential for incredible innovation and its capacity for profound risk. As AI continues to evolve and permeate various aspects of life and governance, the dialogue around its ethical use, regulation, and impact on traditional roles remains critically important. The marvels of AI, as experienced firsthand by Trump, invite both excitement and caution, framing the narrative for the next leap in human-technology interaction.

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