Epic News for Fortnite Fans: The Epic Comeback on iPhones!

In a thrilling announcement, Epic Games has unveiled plans to bring the much-loved Fortnite back to iPhones, riding on the wave of regulatory changes brought about by the Digital Markets Act (DMA) set to be enacted on March 7. This move not only reinstates Fortnite on the mobile scene but also introduces the Epic Games Store to the iOS platform, signaling a significant expansion in the European region.

The initiative is kick-started with Epic Games securing an Apple Developer Account, paving the way for the development of the Epic Games Store on iOS. Scheduled for a grand opening in 2024, the Epic Games Store and Fortnite will be piloted by Epic Games Sweden AB in Europe. This development wing, housed within three studios and backed by over 60 employees, is poised to steer the success of this venture.

What’s New in 2024?

Looking ahead, Epic Games is orchestrating a series of enhancements, with a pronounced focus on elevating the game discovery process and enriching the overall player experience. A noteworthy innovation is the upcoming Download Manager, designed to offer players better control over their update schedules, download sequences, and more.

Further improvements are in store for the Offline Mode, aimed at providing a seamless launcher experience. These include the ability to voluntarily switch to an offline state, clearer error indications, and refined authentication processes for users facing connectivity constraints. Additionally, Epic Games is opening doors for developers and publishers to include their own subscription services within the Epic Games Store, adding another layer of flexibility to the platform’s offerings.

Alongside these enhancements, Epic Games is set to enrich its store with approximately 20 new titles in 2024, promising a diverse and engaging gaming landscape for its community.

A Look Back at 2023

The previous year was a period of remarkable growth and achievement for the Epic Games Store. The platform witnessed its user base swell to over 270 million PC gamers, marking an increase of 40 million from the preceding year. This expansion brought the total number of Epic cross-platform accounts to an impressive 804 million.

Activity metrics saw a peak with daily active users touching 36.1 million and monthly active users soaring to 75 million, an improvement from the previous year’s count of 68 million. The year also saw a significant influx of new PC titles, with over 1,300 additions to the Epic Games Store, expanding its collection to more than 2,900 titles – a striking 88% increase compared to 2022.

In sum, Epic Games is wielding the Digital Markets Act to herald the return of Fortnite to iPhones, alongside launching an enhanced Epic Games Store experience. With these ambitious plans set for 2024, Epic Games is not just reclaiming its space on iOS devices but is also setting the stage for a future where game discovery and player experiences are more immersive, interactive, and inclusive than ever before.

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