Hewlett Packard Enterprise and TELUS Team Up to Roll Out Groundbreaking 5G Open RAN Network in Canada

In an exciting leap forward for Canadian telecommunications, Hewlett Packard Enterprise (HPE) has joined forces with TELUS to embark on the construction of Canada’s inaugural 5G open radio access network (Open RAN). This collaboration will see the deployment of cutting-edge infrastructure across an impressive 3,000 sites, setting the stage for an innovative and faster 5G network that aims to significantly enhance user connectivity and mobile access across the nation.

At the heart of this technological evolution is the HPE ProLiant DL110 Gen11 server, designed with the high demands of telecommunication workloads in mind. These servers are pivotal in laying down an open, virtualized foundation, which is crucial for ushering in the era of next-generation cellular connectivity. Whether it’s for urban dwellers or rural communities, these advancements promise to bring about a transformative connectivity experience.

The architecture of Open RAN is inherently designed for scalability and flexibility, allowing TELUS to seamlessly blend various technologies and services to craft a network that is not only robust but also customizable to specific needs. The Distributed Unit (DU) powered by HPE ProLiant Gen11 servers plays a key role in this, managing data for transmission across this avant-garde 5G network.

Phil Cutrone, a leading figure at HPE, highlighted the significance of Open RAN technology, emphasizing its role in enabling telecommunications clients like TELUS to select their preferred equipment and software. This openness and flexibility are what make HPE a preferred partner for telecom carriers globally, offering solutions that are not only open and flexible but also champions of energy efficiency.

The advent of 5G technology is poised to revolutionize data networks worldwide. From powering real-time Internet of Things (IoT) applications to embedding artificial intelligence (AI) in everyday tech, 5G is expected to fuel an unprecedented surge in network traffic. This technological advancement holds particular promise for remote and rural communities, bringing them into the fold of high-speed internet connectivity and opening up new avenues for growth and digital inclusivity.

TELUS’s Chief Technology Officer, Nazim Benhadid, expressed excitement over the potential benefits this 5G network brings to the Canadian populace. The integration of Open RAN is set to offer unmatched service flexibility and innovation, paving the way for continued advancements in mobile technology. Moreover, this collaboration with HPE is not just about achieving superior network performance; it’s also a step towards TELUS’s environmental commitments, aiming to cut down on energy intensity per data traffic significantly.

The HPE ProLiant DL110 Gen11 servers are not just any hardware; they are customized, ruggedized, and conform to Network Equipment-Building System (NEBS) standards. This ensures that TELUS’s Open RAN solution is not confined by proprietary technology limits, offering a seamless integration path with other 5G infrastructure components. What’s more, these servers are integrated with AI-driven capabilities to optimize power usage, ensuring heightened efficiency without sacrificing network availability.

About Hewlett Packard Enterprise

Hewlett Packard Enterprise stands at the forefront of the global tech scene, driving innovation that transforms how data is leveraged across diverse sectors. HPE is committed to delivering advanced, open, and intelligent technological solutions, enabling organizations to accelerate their growth and operational efficiency. By providing a consistent experience across all clouds and edges, HPE is empowering businesses to forge new models of engagement and operational excellence.

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