IGN Live: 3 Big Standouts From a Weekend of Games, Panels, and Copious Swag

The landscape of summer gaming events has evolved, and IGN Live has emerged as a beacon for fans craving the communal spirit of game showcases. With the pandemic pushing many events into the digital realm, the former staples like E3 have faded into memory. However, IGN Live has stepped up, transforming its event from a purely online affair to an engaging, in-person extravaganza filled with games, panels, and a treasure trove of giveaways.

This year, from June 7-9, IGN Live threw open its doors at the Magic Box LA, inviting enthusiasts across two levels of gaming paradise. The event was a vibrant mix of presentations, hands-on gaming experiences, and enough swag to fill any gamer’s loot bag to the brim.

The heart of the action was the gaming hall on the ground floor. Here, attendees dived into an impressive selection of upcoming console and PC games, alongside recent hits and timeless arcade classics. Highlights included hands-on time with Pipistrello and the Cursed Yoyo, a game that tips its hat to the beloved Zelda series, and Stampede: Racing Royale, a fiercely competitive kart racer guaranteed to test friendships.

Not ones to neglect the classics, we reveled in the nostalgia of the arcade area, challenging each other to bouts of Pac-Man, Marvel Vs. Capcom 2, and Time Crisis. Meanwhile, the PC realm offered delights like the visually stunning Ghost of Tsushima and the expansive Kingdom Hearts Integrum Masterpiece collection.

Above the fray, the second floor provided a sanctuary for those seeking a breather from the excitement below. The theater room there hosted a series of panels, including a captivating demo of Phantom Blade Zero, a wuxia-inspired gem with fluid animations and formidable adversaries. A discussion with its CEO offered deeper insights into this tantalizing title.

The Tetris 40th anniversary celebration was another panel that drew crowds. The game’s creator, Alexey Pajitnov, alongside Henk Rogers and Maya Rogers from The Tetris Company, reminisced and celebrated the enduring appeal of Tetris, illuminating the history and future of this iconic puzzle game.

The main stage was a hub of continuous excitement, featuring interviews with industry giants like Phil Spencer of Microsoft Games, who shared insights on the Xbox universe, lamented studio closures, and teased the possibility of a new Xbox handheld. The IGN crew also delighted attendees with frequent giveaways, photo opportunities, and a well-stocked gift shop. And for those in need of a sugar rush, Mountain Dew was on hand to quench thirsts.

In a departure from the more industry-focused vibe of E3, IGN Live was crafted purely for the gaming community. The event brimmed with energy, from the hyped-up stage presentations to the plentiful swag thrown into cheering crowds. The gaming hall was a particularly popular feature, offering attendees the chance to immerse themselves in a wide variety springs of digital adventures.

As the curtains closed on IGN Live, it was clear that the event had successfully captured the essence of what makes gaming culture so vibrant and inclusive. With its engaging mix of interactive presentations, exciting game previews, and community spirit, IGN Live has set a new standard for gaming events. We’re already counting down the days until its return in 2025, anticipating another weekend of unforgettable gaming glory.

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