Immutable Games Unveils ‘Dread Awakening’ Expansion for Gods Unchained with Epic Guild of Guardians Crossover

In the ever-evolving landscape of web3 gaming, Immutable Games stands at the forefront with its latest announcement that is set to revolutionize the gaming community. The company is gearing up to introduce ‘Dread Awakening’, a groundbreaking expansion pack for its flagship trading card game, Gods Unchained (GU). The much-anticipated release, scheduled for April 23, marks a significant milestone as it features the first crossover event with Guild of Guardians, a web3 game that has already captivated over a million pre-registered enthusiasts.

The ‘Dread Awakening’ expansion pack sets the stage for an unprecedented merger of universes, bringing the nefarious entity known as the Dread from the Guild of Guardians into the mythical realm of Eucos, the world in which Gods Unchained is set. This cross-universe narrative introduces a chilling Cosmic Horror theme to the 148-card set, promising a thrilling twist to the gameplay. The expansion is not just about new cards; it ushers in innovative mechanics that are poised to redefine the game’s meta, suggesting an even larger interconnected web3 gaming universe in the making.

Daniel Paez, the Executive Producer at Gods Unchained, shared his excitement about this venture. He stressed the significance of the crossover, viewing it as a glimpse into the future of web3 gaming where true interoperability between games could become a reality. Paez’s enthusiasm reflects the potential this integration holds for creating dynamic gaming experiences that transcend traditional boundaries.

Moreover, the recent expansion comes on the heels of the game’s triumph in the mobile gaming arena. Gods Unchained made its debut on mobile platforms in February and has since enjoyed a surge in popularity, with a 60% increase in monthly active users reported. This milestone highlights the game’s widening appeal and Immutable Games’ dedication to broadening its reach through strategic platform diversification and the continuous introduction of novel gameplay elements.

The ‘Dread Awakening’ expansion is slated for a global launch on April 23 at 11:00 AM, according to Sydney’s local time. Eager fans and newcomers alike can delve into the Gods Unchained universe on their desktops by downloading the game from the Epic Games Store. Additionally, for those on the move, a mobile companion app is readily available on Google Play and the Apple App Store, bringing the captivating world of Eucos and its intriguing new developments to players wherever they are.

As the boundaries between different gaming universes begin to blur, the collaboration between Gods Unchained and Guild of Guardians through the ‘Dread Awakening’ expansion is a testament to the innovative future of web3 gaming. Players are invited to experience this fusion of worlds firsthand and discover the rich, immersive experiences that await in this and future crossover ventures.

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