Immutable zkEVM Ushers in New Era for Ethereum Gamers with $50 Million Token Rewards Program

In an exciting development for the gaming community, Immutable has unveiled ‘The Main Quest,’ an ambitious rewards initiative designed to enrich the gaming experience on its newly introduced zkEVM network. This move marks a monumental $50 million commitment in token rewards dedicated to engaging gamers in a landscape brimming with opportunities.

The Main Quest emerges as a pioneering endeavor within the crypto gaming domain, targeting users of the Immutable zkEVM network. This layer-2 solution, developed on the cutting-edge Polygon zkEVM technology, is poised to revolutionize Ethereum gaming by offering a seamless, high-performance platform tailored for an array of gaming titles.

Within this innovative ecosystem, gamers are invited to explore an enticing selection of early-release titles. Among these are the strategic mobile epic Guild of Guardians, the adrenaline-fueled MetalCore, the immersive action-packed Illuvium, the thrilling galactic adventure Space Nation Online, and the expansive MMORPG Treeverse. While some titles are yet to make their debut, the roadmap teases further expansions and additions to the gaming roster.

But the rewards extend far beyond gameplay. Participants in the Immutable zkEVM network are poised to gain tokens through a slew of activities, including engaging with decentralized exchanges (DEXs), contributing liquidity to trading pools, and navigating the vibrant marketplace of Immutable NFTs. This comprehensive rewards strategy seeks to fortify the ecosystem, fostering an environment where gamers can thrive.

Immutable President and co-founder Robbie Ferguson heralded The Main Quest as a groundbreaking initiative. “This is single-handedly the largest rewards program in Web3 gaming,” he remarked. By spearheading this initiative, Immutable aims to underscore the tangible advantages of digital ownership and the transformative potential of blockchain in enhancing the gaming experience.

The collaboration with Digital Worlds Foundation sets the stage for a broader exploration of the gaming landscape within Immutable’s ecosystem, already boasting over 270 titles under development. The Main Quest offers an open invitation for gamers to dive into a world where completing quests, engaging with immersive games, and curating NFT collections unlock unparalleled rewards.

As Immutable moves forward with this visionary rewards program, it sets a new benchmark in the gaming industry, promising a future where digital engagement and blockchain technology merge to create unprecedented gaming experiences. The Main Quest is not just a strategy; it’s a gateway to the next level of gaming.

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