Krafton India and ZeptoLab Team up for the Exclusive Launch of Bullet Echo India

In an exhilarating move for the Indian gaming community, Krafton India has collaborated with ZeptoLab to unveil their latest venture, Bullet Echo India. Tailored with the Indian gamer in mind, this shooter mobile game is set to redefine immersive gameplay with its unique features and exclusive content designed for the local fan base.

At the heart of this launch is a clear commitment to enhancing the gaming experience for Indian players. “Bullet Echo India represents a pivotal moment in the evolution of gaming within India, offering a unique mix of tactical play and team strategy,” shared Anuj Sahani, India publishing advisor and head of Krafton India incubator programme. “This launch is a testament to our dedication towards providing the Indian gaming community with rich, localized content. We’re thrilled about our collaboration with BGMI, which includes an exclusive in-game skin, aiming to create a memorable gaming journey for our players.”

How to Dive Into the Action

Gamers across Android and iPhone platforms can rejoice as Bullet Echo India is now accessible for download on Google Play and the Apple App Store. Although it has been softly launched and might not be fully available to all users just yet, iPhone gamers can download it immediately. Android users, on the other hand, are greeted with an “Install” option which notifies them that the game will be automatically downloaded upon its full release on Google Play.

Gameplay Intricacies and More

Set in a dynamic top-down tactical shooter environment, Bullet Echo India encourages players to join forces, devise strategies, and partake in intense battles aiming to be the last team standing, reminiscent of classic battle royale gameplay. This game is designed to keep matches short and thrilling, offering automatic shooting mechanics, a variety of heroes and game modes for a diverse playing experience, and unique special abilities that add an extra layer of excitement to every match.

Additionally, Bullet Echo India introduces four exclusive Indian-themed skins for heroes, enriching the gaming experience with elements of India’s vast culture and heritage. This includes skins for heroes like Slayer, Sparkle, and Mirage, and a distinctive BGMI skin for the hero Stalker, marking an exceptional crossover with India’s beloved battle royale game.

For those eager to get a glimpse of what Bullet Echo India has to offer, a gameplay video has been shared on YouTube, highlighting the vibrant, action-packed experience awaiting players.


With its strategic gameplay, cultural inclusivity, and innovative collaborations, Bullet Echo India is poised to become a cornerstone in the Indian mobile gaming scene. This game not only celebrates Indian gaming culture but also pushes the envelope in creating a tailored, engaging, and inclusive experience for gamers across the country.

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