Exploring the ASUS ROG STRIX G17 (2022) Gaming Laptop

Gaming laptops have come a long way, blending power with mobility to allow gamers to enjoy high-end gaming regardless of where they are. The ASUS ROG STRIX G17 2022 edition stands out in the crowd, embodying the essence of gaming prowess with its robust hardware and sleek design. Here, we delve into the unique features and potential hurdles of owning this gaming beast.

Graphic Power and Display Variants

The ROG STRIX G17 doesn’t skimp on variety, offering a range of NVIDIA GPUs from the RTX 3050 to the RTX 3080, catering to different gaming needs and budgets. When it comes to display, options between 1440p at 240hz or 1080p at 360hz ensure a visually stunning gaming experience. However, configurations might vary internationally, potentially altering processor options or the inclusion of a webcam.

Laptop Performance and Enhancements

Out of the box, the G17 boasts impressive performance, with tailored ASUS Linux stacks enhancing functionality through ASUS-specific functions. While these laptops perform admirably, they’re not without their quirks. A noticeable hiccup is the microphone functionality, which, while operational, often captures static noise.

AMD CPU users might encounter a system-wide stutter due to TPM; a phenomenon not exclusive to any operating system and unresolvable via BIOS adjustments. Thermal management under heavy loads can push CPU temperatures to high levels, hinting at the potential benefits of judicious undervolting, which, though risky, could be facilitated through tools like amdctl for performance gains.

Display and Audio

The default color profile may not hit the mark immediately, potentially misrepresenting colors; a correctable issue through the retrieval of color profiles from a Windows environment. Additionally, the laptop’s high refresh rate could cause stuttering at lower settings, though this can be mitigated by configuring it correctly.

Audio playback is largely impeccable, save for occasional crackling that seems to transcend operating systems. Software solutions like EasyEffects offer a workaround, proposing enhancements that even surpass the default Windows Dolby Atmos experience.

Connectivity and Inputs

The combined WiFi and Bluetooth MediaTek chip introduces compatibility starting from kernel version 5.17, with users reporting intermittent issues primarily with WiFi connectivity. Such challenges might require cold booting the laptop for resolution, underscoring a potential vulnerability in the device’s design or firmware.

On the input front, the G17’s trackpad and keyboard deliver a responsive, tactile experience. However, some function keys may not operate as expected without initial adjustments. Interestingly, the device offers customizable RGB backlighting, though options here seem less extensive compared to ASUS’s Windows-based utilities.


The ASUS ROG STRIX G17 (2022) melds gaming performance with the versatility expected from modern laptops. Despite facing minor issues like microphone reliability and thermal management under load, its high-end GPU options, variable refresh rate displays, and custom ASUS Linux enhancements depict it as a formidable gaming laptop. With potential fixes for its few shortcomings, either through software updates or community-driven workarounds, the G17 could easily become the go-to device for gamers seeking power and portability.

From its graphical fidelity to connectivity quirks, the ASUS ROG STRIX G17 presents a compelling, though not unblemished, option for gamers willing to navigate its idiosyncrasies for the sake of top-tier gaming performance.

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