OSS Wins U.S. Intelligence AI Project for Liquid Immersion-Cooled Storage Server at the Edge

In a significant technological advancement, One Stop Systems, Inc. (OSS), acknowledged for its expertise in rugged high-performance computing (HPC) for artificial intelligence (AI), machine learning (ML), and sensor processing at the edge, has announced a groundbreaking pilot project. This initiative will see the deployment of a liquid immersion-cooled data storage system for a deployable ground station, marking a pivotal move into providing sophisticated edge computing solutions for U.S. intelligence applications.

The pilot project, secured through a contract with a global defense prime contractor, signifies the first deployment of a liquid immersion-cooled high-performance compute solution tailored for a U.S. intelligence agency’s mobile ground station. This innovative venture not only underscores OSS’s technological prowess but also introduces a new intelligence community end-user to the company’s client portfolio.

Emphasizing the project’s significance, Robert Kalebaugh, OSS’s VP of Sales, revealed the project’s potential to spearhead further advancements in mission applications within the intelligence community—a strategic alignment with the company’s expansion goals. Kalebaugh expressed optimism that this initial engagement would pave the way for additional deployments, necessitating advanced compute accelerators and data acquisition solutions crucial for emerging Department of Defense platforms.

The core of this deployment is OSS’s pioneering Gen 4 PCIe 3U-SDS technology, configured as a high-speed NVMe data recording system capable of delivering up to 52GB/s sustained storage bandwidth. For the project, OSS will integrate two of these units into a customized storage accelerator system, meticulously ruggedized to withstand challenging edge environments.

This breakthrough leverages non-conductive, chemically inert, and non-corrosive immersion-cooling fluids that envelop the hardware. This method efficiently dissipates heat without necessitating traditional cooling components like heat sinks, fans, or pumps. The result is a compact, high-performance, and noise-reducing solution perfectly suited for edge deployments.

The hardware configuration includes twin Intel processors and 16 NVMe storage drives, ideal for high-speed data acquisition, recording, and analysis. This setup can process up to 960 terabytes of raw RF data signals, storing them onto high-speed NVMe SSDs. The SSDs are housed in encrypted, removable drive packs, facilitating easy and secure data transfer to cloud-based storage frameworks.

This pioneering project follows OSS’s recent announcement of a direct-to-chip liquid cooling solution for a foreign navy submarine application. It signifies OSS’s continued leadership in innovating cooling solutions for rugged, high-performance computing at the edge.

About OSS: One Stop Systems, Inc. stands at the forefront of AI Transportable solutions, crafting the highest performance compute and storage products designed for rugged AI, sensor fusion, and autonomous capabilities. With a commitment to delivering data center performance across diverse and challenging environments, OSS offers an array of products, including ruggedized servers, compute accelerators, flash storage arrays, and storage acceleration software. These products cater to a broad spectrum of industries and applications, driving OSS to the forefront of the edge computing market.

OSS’s forward-looking mission and innovative products are directly accessible through direct sales or global distributors. For updates and more information, visit www.onestopsystems.com and connect with OSS on social media platforms including X, YouTube, and LinkedIn.

In conclusion, as OSS embarks on this pilot project with a U.S. intelligence agency, it not only showcases its technological leadership but also aligns its offerings with the strategic objectives of national security. This venture represents a significant milestone in OSS’s journey, demonstrating the company’s capacity to innovate and lead in the evolving landscape of edge computing and AI transportables.

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