‘Plus ça change…’

The concept of cybersecurity has undergone a monumental paradigm shift. Gone are the days when protecting an organization’s Information Technology (IT) ecosystem was as straightforward as deploying a robust firewall, akin to a medieval castle fortified by an expansive moat. The acceleration of digital transformation spearheaded by cloud computing, the emergence of the Internet of Things (IoT), the ubiquity of smartphones, and evolving modern work habits have ushered in a new era. This era is characterized by a sprawling, intricate, and dynamically interconnected attack surface that presents unprecedented security challenges.

“The traditional security perimeter as we knew it has effectively dissolved,” notes a leading technical director and security strategist. “That’s not to imply that firewalls are obsolete or internal IT has vanished. On the contrary, our digital infrastructure remains, but it’s now inextricably linked to an array of external systems and services.”

As the digital landscape has expanded, cybersecurity solutions have had to evolve. Firms like Tenable have pioneered the integration of in-house development and strategic acquisitions to bolster their capabilities in vulnerability and exposure management. Their focus has broadened to encompass previously uncharted territories such as operational technology (OT), IoT, and cloud services, while steadfastly aiming to identify and proactively mitigate potential security threats before they escalate.

“In the realm of cybersecurity, the maxims of prevention, detection, and response are cardinal,” the strategist elaborates. “Consider the act of securing your home: before stepping out, you ensure all doors and windows are securely fastened, even if you have an alarm system installed. An alarm may notify you of an intrusion, but by then, the breach has occurred. Our philosophy centers on prevention. By thwarting potential vulnerabilities from the outset, the necessity for detection diminishes significantly.”

Although some acquisitions have introduced detection capabilities, particularly within cloud environments, the overarching objective remains to endow customers with enhanced visibility. Providing a comprehensive overview of potential vulnerabilities allows for the identification of any security lapses and the delineation of potential pathways an attacker might exploit to access critical assets.

“Our foundational ethos is rooted in prevention. While we acknowledge the importance of detection and response, our primary focus and expertise lie in averting threats before they materialize,” he asserts.

New Capabilities

In a strategic move to strengthen its position in the cybersecurity landscape, December 2019 saw the acquisition of Indegy Ltd by Tenable. This move was not just an expansion but a mirrored reflection of Tenable’s commitment to extending its expertise in vulnerability management to the realms of OT and IoT. This approach was particularly aimed at manufacturing and industrial organizations that have progressively embraced the integration of legacy systems with modern IT infrastructure, IoT devices, and cloud solutions over the past half-decade.

This panoramic shift in the cybersecurity framework underscores a timeless truth – the more things change, the more they stay the same. As our digital footprint expands and evolves, the foundational importance of securing our digital fortresses remains unwavering. The evolution from static, perimeter-based defenses to a more holistic, prevention-first approach in cybersecurity strategy illustrates not just a response to changing times, but a pivotal stride towards fostering a safer, more resilient digital world.

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