OSS to Redefine Cooling in Autonomous Trucks with Advanced Liquid Technology

In a groundbreaking move designed to propel the future of autonomous commercial transportation, One Stop Systems, Inc. (OSS), a frontrunner in rugged high-performance computing (HPC) for artificial intelligence (AI), machine learning (ML), and sensor processing at the edge, has announced a significant order from a subsidiary of one of the world’s leading commercial vehicle giants. This collaboration is set to develop a cutting-edge ruggedized Liquid Cooling System aimed at enhancing the efficiency of self-driving technology in commercial autonomous trucks.

OSS’s innovative solution will be tailored for a customer renowned for their pioneering efforts in self-driving technology, specifically focusing on Level 4 driving automation for commercial trucks that are currently in the pipeline. The initial order, valued at $300,000 for prototypes, marks the beginning of what could be a transformative journey for OSS as it gears up for shipments anticipated to commence later this year.

The essence of this partnership aligns with OSS’s expertise in engineering solutions designed to manage the heat generated by compact and ruggedized high-performance compute systems. By integrating a chassis-mounted liquid chiller, coolant pump, and control system firmware, OSS commits to delivering a self-contained active cooling system. This system is pivotal for the advanced driver-assistance systems (ADAS) used in the customer’s Level-4 autonomous trucks, with plans to mount two such systems externally on the back of each vehicle.

Mike Knowles, OSS president and CEO, shed light on the significance of this collaboration: “We are excited to support our customer’s commercialization efforts by providing them with our leading liquid cooling expertise and solutions.” Knowles further noted the immense potential of this prototype order to be a game-changer for OSS as their customer progresses towards production scaling in the next few years. Moreover, there are prospects to broaden their collaboration, encompassing OSS’s ruggedized, high-performance compute, and data logging systems alongside their liquid cooling solutions.

About One Stop Systems

One Stop Systems, Inc. (OSS) is at the forefront of AI Transportable solutions, pioneering the delivery of the highest-performance compute and storage products that introduce rugged AI, sensor fusion, and autonomous capabilities to challenging applications. These hardware and software platforms are designed to transport the latest data center performance levels to demanding environments, regardless of their nature – be it land, air, or sea.

OSS’s product range includes ruggedized servers, compute accelerators, flash storage arrays, and storage acceleration software, catering to various industries and applications. These include autonomous trucking and farming, and broader applications in aircraft, drones, ships, and vehicles within the defense sector.

The capabilities of OSS cover the entire AI workflow, from high-speed data acquisition to in-depth learning, training, and large-scale inference, consistently delivering industrial firsts for OEMs and government clientele. With AI Transportables being a rapidly growing segment of the edge computing market, OSS’s unwavering commitment to performance, regardless of environmental conditions, sets a new industry standard.

For more information on OSS and its offerings, you can visit their website at www.onestopsystems.com. Stay updated on their latest developments by following them on X, YouTube, and LinkedIn.

OSS would like to remind readers that forward-looking statements made in this announcement are based on current beliefs and expectations, subject to significant risks and uncertainties. Current projections, including the potential long-term impact of this autonomous trucking initiative and expectations for expanded customer relationships, should be considered as indicators rather than guarantees of future performance.

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