Avassa and OnLogic Forge Partnership to Revolutionize Industrial IoT Solutions

In an era where industrial Internet of Things (IoT) is not just evolving but transforming into a more intelligent and manageable domain, two key players, Avassa and OnLogic, have announced a strategic partnership. This collaboration is set to redefine the landscape of industrial IoT solutions, offering a seamless blend of hardware and software specifically designed to tackle the intricate demands of edge computing environments.

At the heart of this partnership lies a shared vision between Avassa, known for its cutting-edge Edge Platform, and OnLogic, a leader in the creation of industrial computers that endure the harshest conditions. Together, they are bringing to market a comprehensive full-stack solution that addresses the core challenges of deploying and managing IoT systems in rugged, distributed environments. “This partnership is built on a mutual understanding of the need for a new generation of IoT edge infrastructure,” explained Carl Moberg, Chief Technology Officer at Avassa. He further noted the synergy between the two companies, emphasizing that both are edge-native, providing a robust foundation for a full-stack solution.

The industrial sector is at a pivotal point, with a marked shift towards intelligent edge computing that incorporates fully containerized applications. These developments herald a new future for industrial IoT, one that necessitates innovative solutions capable of not just meeting but surpassing the evolving needs. Avassa and OnLogic, through their collaborative efforts, are poised to equip enterprises with the tools necessary to leverage the full potential of IoT systems. Their offerings ensure resilience in the face of rugged environments, while facilitating the centralized, secure management of industrial IoT applications.

Both Avassa and OnLogic have engineered their solutions with a laser focus on the challenges unique to IoT edge environments. With OnLogic’s industrial computers, users get devices that are fanless, rugged, and can withstand extreme temperatures, perfect for demanding industrial settings. On the other side, Avassa brings to the table its Edge Platform, designed from the ground up for managing container applications at the edge. It introduces various functionalities needed to overcome edge-specific hurdles, such as targeted deployments, seamless OS upgrades, and offline application support.

Kim Wasserman, Vice President of Product Management at OnLogic, shared her excitement about the partnership, stating, “Partnering with Avassa allows us to offer a more comprehensive edge computing solution, combining our robust hardware with their innovative software for containerization and orchestration.” She highlighted the commitment of both companies to empowering customers in their innovation journeys at the edge, offering them tools to convert data into actionable insights and tangible return on investment (ROI).

A tangible example of this partnership in action involves the deployment of Avassa and OnLogic solutions by FlashEye, specialists in LiDAR monitoring, to prevent downtime in mining operations. This serves as a testament to the real-world applications and benefits of this collaboration. To further exhibit their groundbreaking products, OnLogic and Avassa will be presenting their solutions at Embedded World in Nuremberg, Germany, showcasing the future of managed applications and the intelligent use of data in industrial environments.

This partnership between Avassa and OnLogic marks a significant step forward in the evolution of industrial IoT solutions, providing enterprises with the means to navigate the complexities of edge computing with confidence and innovation.

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