Revolutionizing IoT Automation: Softing’s Secure Integration Server Embraces MQTT

In an era where the convergence of industrial automation and information technology is paramount, Softing Industrial’s Secure Integration Server (SIS) stands out by incorporating the MQTT protocol, heralding a new phase in secure and streamlined data integration for cloud-based IT/OT applications.

At its core, the SIS is engineered to synergize multiple OPC UA servers across the automation hierarchy, seamlessly aligning them under a unified address space framework. This alignment not only adheres to the OPC UA Companion Specification but also paves the way for the harmonized data to be accessible via a standard OPC UA interface. Such accessibility is crucial for automating interactions with IoT cloud applications, particularly through the lens of publish/subscribe protocols like MQTT.

With the introduction of version V1.30, the SIS takes a giant leap forward by incorporating support for both versions 3 and 5 of the MQTT protocol. This update is a game-changer, allowing for up to 25 MQTT connections, thereby offering a more secure and adaptable pathway for data integration.

Key features that stand out in this upgrade include the MQTT Publisher & Subscriber functions, which enable bidirectional data flow for enhanced communication efficiency. Additionally, the inclusion of Authentication Settings introduces a robust layer of security, ensuring secure interactions between clients and brokers via various authentication mechanisms, including anonymous, username/password, and certificate-based methodologies.

Another noteworthy feature is the MQTT Store&Forward capability which acts as a safeguard against data loss by supporting diverse publishing modes and “Dynamic Payload”. This feature adds an extra layer of flexibility, accommodating varying data requirements with ease.

The advent of MQTT protocol integration into Softing’s Secure Integration Server marks a significant milestone in the domain of industrial data integration. It not only reaffirms the company’s dedication to pioneering advanced solutions but also opens the doors to new realms of efficient and secure data transmission for enterprises.

This strategic move empowers customers with the tools they need for leveraging their data more effectively, ensuring that their operations remain both cutting-edge and secure in the fast-evolving landscape of IoT automation.

As industries continue to evolve and demand more secure, reliable, and efficient methods for data integration and transmission, Softing’s latest update to the Secure Integration Server positions itself as an indispensable ally in the quest for innovation and advancement in IoT automation.

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