Fortinet Unveils Comprehensive Upgrades to Revolutionize Real-Time Network Security

In an exciting development for cybersecurity, Fortinet has rolled out an expansive update to FortiOS, its advanced network security operating system, along with substantial enhancements to the Fortinet Security Fabric, its cybersecurity platform. These improvements are set to redefine the landscape of network protection, offering users advanced tools to combat threats, streamline operations, and improve the overall digital experience.

What’s New in FortiOS 7.6?

The latest iteration, FortiOS 7.6, introduces a plethora of features aimed at bolstering security, simplifying operational complexities, and enhancing user experiences across various network environments. With over hundreds of upgrades, users can look forward to advancements in Secure SD-WAN, Zero Trust Network Access (ZTNA), secure access service edge (SASE), automation, and much more, all available through flexible SaaS or PaaS consumption models.

At the heart of these upgrades is the integration of GenAI capabilities through FortiAI, streamlining threat investigation and remediation by harnessing the power of artificial intelligence native within FortiAnalyzer and FortiManager. This integration not only improves threat response but also optimizes network and security management, fostering a quicker, more efficient decision-making process.

Enhanced Data Protection Across the Network

Among the critical enhancements in FortiOS 7.6 is the emphasis on comprehensive data protection. With centralized data protection mechanisms spanning the entire Fortinet Security Fabric, enterprises can now deploy and manage robust data loss prevention (DLP) strategies effectively, ensuring the security of sensitive data across hybrid network configurations.

Fortinet Security Fabric: Next-Level Upgrades

The updates extend to FortiClient, Fortinet’s unified agent, which now incorporates full endpoint detection and response (EDR) capabilities, including ransomware protection and behavior-based detection. This comprehensive approach reduces agent sprawl and simplifies management across complex ecosystems, enhancing visibility, control, and remote access functionalities.

Addressing the cyber skills shortage, FortiAnalyzer now features built-in SIEM and SOAR services, promoting operational efficiency with broader data ingestion and automated playbooks. Further augmenting operational capabilities, Fortinet introduces a Managed FortiGate Service, aiming to support network teams and aid partners in expanding their service portfolios. This initiative underscores Fortinet’s commitment to alleviating the cyber skills gap and facilitating smooth digital transformations.

The Advantages of a Unified Operating System

Fortinet’s integration of its diverse portfolio through a single operating system, backed by investments in custom ASICs, provides significant performance and efficiency benefits. From firewall efficiencies and segmentation to OT/IoT/Edge security and unified SASE, FortiOS leverages advanced technology to protect diverse environments with consistent policies and simplified management.

About the Fortinet Security Fabric Platform

The Fortinet Security Fabric represents an innovative approach to cybersecurity, merging networking and security through one operating system (FortiOS), a unified agent (FortiClient), a central management console (FortiManager), and a cohesive data lake (FortiAnalyzer). Designed to secure the entire digital attack surface, the platform emphasizes secure networking, unified SASE, and AI-driven security operations.

With over two decades dedicated to platform vision and product innovation, the Fortinet Security Fabric encompasses an extensive range of enterprise-grade products and services. Its capability to integrate and leverage over 500 technology partnerships ensures that businesses can build a customized security platform tailored to their unique needs.

The latest updates to Fortinet’s cybersecurity solutions mark a significant step forward in the evolution of network security, promising not only to enhance protection but also to simplify and optimize the management of security operations for businesses worldwide.

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