AI Empowered BOE UB Cell G.3 AI TV Solution: A Blend of Supreme Picture Quality and AI Intelligent Control Unveils New Dimensions of Intelligent Living

In a groundbreaking leap forward, BOE unveils its latest innovation in the realm of television technology: the UB Cell G.3 AI TV solution. This avant-garde solution, which harmonizes superior picture quality with smart AI control, promises to revolutionize the way users experience visual content. Debuting with its first 55-inch 4K AI TV model during the SID Display Week 2024, BOE marks its entry into the AI-driven era of high-end television solutions.

The Evolution of Visuals: 3rd Generation UB Cell Display Technology

At the heart of the UB Cell G.3 AI TV solution lies the advanced ADS Pro LCD display technology, which sets new benchmarks for image clarity and visual depth. This technology ensures an unprecedented ambient perception contrast ratio by utilizing materials that minimize reflection and scattering. The result is an astonishing lower than 0.7% screen reflectivity, delivering unparalleled black levels and a captivating viewing experience, particularly in environments with ambient brightness akin to that of a living room.

Further enhancing the visual feast is the device’s ultra-high color gamut and full-viewing angle capabilities. Thanks to the SAP pixel design paired with STW Viewing Angle Compensation Technology 2.0, the display sees a 30% uplift in transmittance rate, covering 95% of the BT.2020 color space. This ensures vibrant, true-to-life colors from any angle, making communal viewing a joy for all family members.

For those seeking a television that keeps pace with the rapid movements of car chases or the intricate details of 3A gaming environments, the UB Cell G.3 does not disappoint. Combining EPQ image quality enhancement and HSR refresh rate doubling technologies, it flawlessly outputs high-resolution video at 4K 120Hz/HSR 240Hz, with capabilities reaching up to 4K 165Hz/HSR 330Hz for ultra-smooth, immersive gaming and viewing experiences.

AI Intelligent Control: Elevating Interactivity and Efficiency

The UB Cell G.3 AI TV transcends conventional smart TVs by integrating an array of six light and one temperature sensors. These sensors adeptly monitor environmental conditions, adjusting display settings in real-time for optimal image quality across various applications like TV viewing, movie watching, or displaying art. This intelligent adjustment ensures each visual is rendered with the most striking clarity and color accuracy possible.

An innovative feature, Dynamic Local Refresh (DLR), works behind the scenes to intelligently conserve energy. By adjusting the refresh rate in real-time based on the content being displayed, it can significantly reduce power consumption, particularly in static scenes or dark areas of the screen.

This fusion of “Supreme Picture Quality + AI Intelligent Control” is not merely about enhancing viewing experiences; it represents a transformative step towards smarter living. The UB Cell G.3 AI TV solution positions itself as both a centerpiece for family entertainment and an interactive hub for the intelligent home, advancing the integration of AI and sensor technology in daily life.

Embracing the “Display Everywhere” Vision

BOE is leading the charge into a future where displays transcend their traditional roles, becoming an integral part of the Internet of Things (IoT) ecosystem. The “Display Everywhere” strategy underlines BOE’s commitment to leveraging its innovative display technologies to enrich a wide array of application scenarios, from home entertainment to smart home interfaces, and beyond.

In collaboration with global partners, BOE is dedicated to merging display, IoT, and digital technologies, paving the way for an era where consumers enjoy a seamless blend of advanced visuals and intelligent functionality. As we step into a world increasingly powered by AI, BOE’s UB Cell G.3 AI TV solution stands at the forefront, offering a glimpse into a future where technology enhances every aspect of human life.

As BOE continues to push the envelope in display technology, its promise of an “AI+” and “Sensor+” enhanced future holds exciting prospects not only for how we consume media but for the broader spectrum of human-computer interaction, heralding a new dawn of intelligent living experiences.

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