Exploring New Horizons: Grace College Invites Young Minds to Summer Academic Camps

This year, Grace College is proud to unfold an enriching summer journey for young learners through its diverse array of academic camps. The institution is delighted to unveil its lineup for the summer of 2024, where students will have the chance to immerse themselves in an educational adventure across six distinct realms: visual arts, exercise science, engineering, creative writing, mediation, and ecology.

The introduction of three new programs focusing on ecology, creative writing, and mediation reflects Grace College’s commitment to expanding academic horizons and fostering a culture of innovation and curiosity among participants. From novice to seasoned campers, students are set to engage in a vibrant learning environment where exploration meets creativity.

A Deep Dive into Each Camp

Artistic Discovery: Participants in the visual art camp will embark on a creative journey that stretches their imagination and sharpens their artistic skills through drawing, painting, and visual design. The inclusion of inspiring excursions to places like the Fort Wayne Children’s Zoo and Fort Wayne Museum of Art aims to fuel students’ creativity, culminating in a final showcase that celebrates their achievements.

Exercise Science Exploration: The exercise science camp has been thoughtfully expanded to provide students with a comprehensive understanding of athletic performance, injury prevention, and the vital role of exercise science in sports. Campers will participate in an athletic combine event and gain hands-on experience with functional movement screenings and body composition analysis, benefiting from the knowledge of sports industry professionals.

Engineering Insights: Designed for those fascinated by design and innovation, the engineering camp offers a window into the world of engineers. From exploring local engineering firms to hands-on activities involving computer-aided design, 3D printing, robotics, and even virtual reality, students will channel their inner engineer to design and race their very own car models.

Creative Writing Adventures: High school students will delve into the art of words in the creative writing camp. Through engaging prompts, nature walks, and workshops, campers will enhance their literary skills, exploring poetry, stories, and essays. The camp concludes with an opportunity for students to share their voices in a public reading, celebrating the power of storytelling.

Mediation Mastery: The mediation camp offers a unique opportunity for high school students interested in law or debate to learn about mediation—a constructive alternative to traditional litigation. Guided by Grace College’s internationally recognized mediation team, campers will engage in realistic scenarios to hone their conflict resolution skills and understand the intricacies of mediation processes.

Ecology Exploration: Introducing campers to the wonders of Indiana’s natural ecosystems, the ecology career intensive is a gateway to discovering local plants, water, soils, and wildlife. Through engaging field trips and hands-on identification exercises, students will gain valuable insights into environmental science and conservation efforts.

Join the Adventure

Grace College is inviting young minds to discover their passions, learn new skills, and make lifelong memories this summer. Each program includes nutritious snacks and lunches, ensuring campers are fueled for discovery. Additionally, a special segment invites parents to witness their child’s progress and accomplishments.

Understanding the importance of accessibility, Grace College offers need-based scholarships to ensure that financial considerations do not hinder a student’s ability to participate. For families interested in exploring scholarship options or learning more about what each camp has to offer, Grace College encourages prospective campers and their guardians to reach out for more information.

Empower your child to explore, create, and learn this summer at Grace College’s academic camps. Embrace the opportunity for your child to foster new skills, meet like-minded peers, and explore potential career paths in a nurturing and dynamic environment. The journey awaits!

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