TRI and Nvidia Forge Strategic Alliance to Revolutionize Electronics Manufacturing with AI

In a pioneering move set to transform the landscape of electronics manufacturing, Test Research, Inc (TRI) has announced a strategic partnership with Nvidia, aiming to fast-track the adoption of AI technologies in manufacturing processes. By leveraging Nvidia Metropolis for Factories, this collaboration is designed to bring about a new era of efficiency, productivity, and innovation in the electronics industry. With a focus on harnessing the power of AI for enhanced automation and heightened defect detection capabilities, TRI is setting the stage for significant advancements in the field.

At the core of this partnership, TRI plans to integrate Nvidia’s cutting-edge AI software stack and robust computing capabilities to supercharge its manufacturing solutions. Jim Lean, Vice President of Test Research, Inc, shared his enthusiasm about the collaboration, stating the immense potential it holds for delivering state-of-the-art, future-ready solutions to the electronics manufacturing sector. Lean underscored the transformative power of NVIDIA Metropolis for Factories in driving AI adoption across smart factories, enabling manufacturers to leapfrog into the future and maintain a competitive edge in the fast-evolving technology landscape.

Nvidia Metropolis for Factories emerges as a holistic platform offering an end-to-end workflow that covers everything from data labeling and model training to deployment and scaling of AI-enabled visual inspection applications. This robust framework is pivotal for industrial technology companies aiming to develop bespoke quality-control systems that mesh seamlessly from edge computing settings to cloud infrastructure.

Leveraging the formidable capabilities of Metropolis for Factories, TRI has been able to create highly accurate inspection applications, such as Automated Optical Inspection (AOI) systems, ushering in a new era of manufacturing prowess. These advancements have not only led to a significant uptick in production line throughput but have also curtailed costs and enhanced overall production quality.

One of the crowning achievements of this collaboration is the marked improvement in AI detection rates, with general chip defect detection accuracy now surpassing 99%. This enhancement spans a broad spectrum of components, including OSC, MLD, SOD, SOT23, RNET, and CNET, with AI-powered defect detection also substantially reducing false case rates for intricate components like the Paladin connector.

Moreover, TRI’s innovative AI Smart Programming is paving the way for predictive decision-making, slashing programming times, and diminishing downtime and training requirements. The introduction of the AI Verify Host, a smart repair station, is set to diminish the necessity for manual re-inspection, thereby lowering operational expenditures. Adding to these advancements, TRI’s AI Station and the AI Training Tool are streamlining inspection processes and operational efficiencies by generating AI models from existing inspection datasets.

To achieve these game-changing capabilities, TRI will harness the power of NVIDIA Triton Inference Server software and the NVIDIA TensorRT software development kit. These tools are instrumental in accelerating AI inferencing, thereby facilitating the creation and deployment of groundbreaking AI-driven solutions in the realms of test and inspection, as well as smart factories within the electronics manufacturing industry.

This strategic partnership between TRI and Nvidia not only highlights the transformative potential of AI in electronics manufacturing but also sets a new benchmark for industry-wide innovation and productivity. As manufacturers increasingly embrace these advanced AI-powered solutions, the future of electronics manufacturing looks brighter—and more efficient—than ever before.

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