Troops Neutralize More Bandits in Kaduna Village

In a significant blow to bandit operations in Kaduna State, the Nigerian Army has once again demonstrated its resolve against insecurity and banditry. The latest operation, carried out in the Giwa Local Government Area, saw the neutralization of several bandits, including high-value targets within their ranks.

The successful mission, conducted by the troops of Operation Whirl Punch, combined ground and air strikes targeting a known gathering point of the bandits near Bula community, situated within the Yadi Forest in the Giwa Local Government Area. This strategic operation led to the elimination of several bandit leaders who had been a menace to the peace and security of the area.

Samuel Aruwan, the Commissioner overseeing the Ministry of Internal Security and Home Affairs in Kaduna State, confirmed these developments. According to Aruwan’s statement, the operation was informed by reliable intelligence that bandit kingpins, recently neutralized along the Kaduna-Katsina border, were convening a meeting in Yadi Forest to plan further deadly missions.

“The intelligence report indicated a convergence of bandits at a specific area within the Yadi Forest for a gathering on a deadly mission. Persistent surveillance confirmed this information, revealing the presence of armed bandits, numbering between seven to ten, moving on motorcycles towards the identified location,” the statement detailed.


Further actions by the security forces confirmed these movements, leading to a precise strike on the gathering, effectively disrupting their plans. Prominent among the neutralized bandits was Alhaji Kachalla Ragas, known to be an ally and childhood friend of the previously eliminated Buharin Yadi, indicating the strategic importance of the operation.

The successful operation has been met with supportive responses from the local community, with Governor Aruwan urging residents to keep providing valuable information that helps in tracking down bandit groups. He also extended gratitude towards individuals and groups who had provided the essential intelligence that made the strike possible.

This recent operation underscores the ongoing efforts by the Nigerian Army and partnering security forces to combat banditry and restore peace in Kaduna State. It signifies a proactive approach in dealing with threats to security and showcases the importance of community involvement in intelligence gathering. With continued collaboration between the security forces and the local population, it is hoped that the tide will turn against banditry and related crimes in the region.

The commitment of the Nigerian Army to neutralizing threats and ensuring the safety of citizens continues to reflect in operations such as these. As the community and security forces work hand in hand, the path towards a more secure and peaceful Kaduna State becomes increasingly attainable.

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