VeriSilicon Unveils Industry’s First Fully LE Audio Compliant Bluetooth Low Energy IP Solution

In a significant leap forward for audio technology, VeriSilicon has revolutionized the market with its groundbreaking Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) Intellectual Property (IP) solution. This cutting-edge technology has been officially certified as fully compliant with the LE Audio specifications, marking a milestone achievement in delivering superior audio quality across a wide range of devices including mobile phones, wireless earphones, speakers, and more.

The LE Audio standard, a leap beyond current Bluetooth audio technology, is designed to enrich the audio experience by ensuring higher quality sound streaming with the added benefits of lower energy consumption. VeriSilicon’s comprehensive BLE IP solution encompasses RF IP, baseband IP, and a software protocol stack and has recently achieved Bluetooth 5.3 certification, affirming its position at the forefront of Bluetooth technology.

One of the pivotal features of this revolutionary technology is the integration of BLE, Isochronous Channels transmission technology, and the Low Complexity Communications Codec (LC3). Together, these enhance audio transmission efficiency, significantly reduce latency, and enable superior signal quality. Furthermore, the solution stands out by including advanced Bluetooth features such as Auracast™ broadcast audio and Multi-Stream Audio, setting a new benchmark for wireless audio communication.

Central to VeriSilicon’s BLE IP solution is its proprietary LC3 implementation, which excels in real-time, low-power, and low-distortion audio processing. This versatile codec supports a range of calculation precisions and can be adapted to all LE Audio profiles. It boasts deep optimization for VeriSilicon’s ZSP Digital Signal Processor (DSP) as well as for mainstream processors, ensuring minimal resource usage and easy portability. VeriSilicon’s LC3 codec is available for licensing, offering flexibility for integration into a broad spectrum of audio applications.

With the achievement of LE Audio certification, VeriSilicon is poised to propel the development of next-generation audio products. “Our commitment to Bluetooth technology has yielded a robust portfolio of hardware and software solutions tailored to meet diverse market needs,” said Wiseway Wang, Senior Vice President and General Manager of Custom Silicon Platform Division at VeriSilicon. “This certification enables our customers to bring innovative, high-quality audio products to market more swiftly, with the added advantages of energy efficiency and cost-effectiveness.” VeriSilicon is committed to exploring new applications for LE Audio, aiming to provide even more comprehensive solutions and support the creation of groundbreaking products in the Bluetooth audio space.

About VeriSilicon: A pioneer in custom silicon services and semiconductor IP licensing, VeriSilicon services a broad spectrum of industries including consumer electronics, automotive, computing, and IoT. The company’s unique “Silicon Platform as a Service” (SiPaaS) model leverages an extensive IP portfolio, facilitating the rapid development of silicon products. Headquartered in Shanghai, China, VeriSilicon employs over 1,800 professionals across design, R&D, and sales offices worldwide. With a focus on innovation, VeriSilicon continues to expand its offerings in high-definition audio and visual technologies, infotainment, video surveillance, and more, powered by its in-house processor IPs and over 1,500 analog, mixed signal, and RF IPs.

In an era demanding ever-improving audio experiences, VeriSilicon’s BLE IP solution represents a significant advance, promising to enhance a wide array of audio products with superior sound quality, lower power consumption, and cost-effective development.

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