Waabi Secures $200 Million in Funding to Propel AI-Driven Trucks by 2025

In a significant leap forward for autonomous vehicle technology, Waabi has announced a monumental $200 million USD in Series B financing. This remarkable infusion of funds marks a critical step toward the 2025 launch of their AI-powered trucks, positioning Waabi as a frontrunner in the autonomous trucking sphere.

Revolutionizing Trucking with AI

Amidst an ever-evolving technological landscape, Waabi has emerged as a trailblazer, dedicating its prowess to generative AI within the physical realm. This recent funding milestone will further fuel the company’s ambition to deploy fully driverless, generative AI-enhanced autonomous trucks by 2025.

Leading the Series B funding were industry giants such as Uber and Khosla Ventures, with the total capital raised by Waabi exceeding $280 million USD. Notably, the funding round drew participation from a suite of strategic investors, including NVIDIA, Volvo Group Venture Capital, Porsche Automobil Holding SE, Scania Invest, and Ingka Investments, alongside financial stakeholders like HarbourVest Partners, G2 Venture Partners, and Export Development Canada, among others.

Raquel Urtasun, the visionary founder and CEO of Waabi, expressed her enthusiasm for the journey thus far and the groundbreaking achievements made alongside her team. “This funding ensures we have the state-of-the-art technology, a remarkable team, and pioneering partners to achieve our mission of launching fully driverless autonomous trucks,” Urtasun remarked.

Endorsements from Industry Leaders

Industry stalwarts have echoed their support and confidence in Waabi’s innovative approach. Vinod Khosla of Khosla Ventures highlighted the transformative potential of generative AI in transportation. Meanwhile, Uber’s CEO, Dara Khosrowshahi, praised Waabi’s AI-first strategy for its scalability and efficiency, underlining the potential of autonomous technology to make transportation safer and more sustainable.

Partnership with NVIDIA

Adding momentum to their ambitious project, Waabi has announced a partnership with NVIDIA to bring to market the first generational AI-powered autonomous trucking solution. This collaboration will integrate NVIDIA’s cutting-edge DRIVE Thor technology into Waabi’s autonomous trucking solution, marking a significant milestone in the practical application of generative AI in trucking.

About Waabi

Founded by AI luminary Raquel Urtasun, Waabi is at the forefront of employing generative AI to revolutionize the autonomous trucking industry. With a robust backing from leading investors across a broad spectrum of industries—from technology and automotive to logistics—Waabi is poised to drive the future of autonomous trucking with its innovative AI solutions.

In Conclusion

As Waabi navigates the road toward deploying its AI-driven trucks by 2025, the automotive and tech industries watch closely. This venture not only underscores the potential of AI in transforming transportation but also signifies a pivotal shift towards a future where autonomous trucks become an integral part of our logistical and transportation frameworks.

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