Wiliot Leads the Charge Towards a Wireless Future with Inaugural Ambient IoT Unplug Fest

In a groundbreaking initiative set for July 2024, Wiliot is poised to usher in a new era of technological collaboration by hosting the first-ever Ambient IoT Unplug Fest. This pivotal event marks a milestone moment for manufacturers, enterprises, and technologists who are at the forefront of developing the Ambient Internet of Things (IoT) technologies, providing them with a unique platform to ensure these innovations realize their comprehensive capabilities.


Ambient IoT represents the next leap forward in connecting the physical and digital worlds, leveraging battery-free wireless technology that integrates seamlessly with existing wireless standards like Bluetooth, 5G Advanced, 6G, and Wi-Fi. This innovation allows for an unprecedented range of products to connect to the internet and harness the power of artificial intelligence, all while significantly reducing costs compared to traditional technology.

At the heart of this movement is the philosophy that the transformative potential of ambient IoT can only be achieved through a concerted effort among diverse players in the ecosystem. “The key to unlocking the transformative power of ambient IoT lies in fostering collaboration among entities that bring a variety of products and technologies to the table,” remarked Dotan Ziv, Wiliot’s Network business General Manager. The Ambient IoT Unplug Fest is designed with this interoperability in mind, providing an unparalleled opportunity for participants to test their technologies amidst a wider array of solutions than ever before. This collaborative testing aims to facilitate the rapid advancement and adoption of ambient IoT across various industries.

As part of this endeavor, Wiliot is set to launch its Wiliot Ambient IoT Certified Product programme. This pioneering initiative will enable participants over the course of the two-day event to rigorously evaluate their products in a laboratory setting. Testing will focus on ensuring seamless compatibility and performance with an extensive range of ambient IoT network bridges, gateways, and sensors spanning multiple generations. Products that successfully meet these interoperability standards will receive Ambient IoT Certification, endorsing their readiness for integration into the burgeoning ambient IoT landscape.

“Transitioning to an environment characterized by low-cost, pervasive sensing infrastructure from one dependent on high-labor and high-cost auto-ID reader infrastructure necessitates products certified for ambient IoT interoperability,” Ziv elaborated. He underscored Wiliot’s commitment to spearheading the certification process, recognizing that the achievement of this vision requires collective industry effort to meet the emerging market demand head-on.

The Unplug Fest is not just about technical testing; it represents a golden opportunity for innovating companies to immerse themselves in the ambient IoT ecosystem, positioning themselves to capitalize on the growing market demand. Ziv expressed his enthusiasm for the outcomes of the Unplug Fest, anticipating it will result in a suite of scalable, interoperable solutions ready to meet the needs of the industry and its diverse clientele.

Participation in the Wiliot Ambient IoT Unplug Fest is offered at no cost, underscoring Wiliot’s commitment to inclusivity and the widespread adoption of ambient IoT technology. Interested parties are encouraged to register their interest promptly, as registration is set to close on Monday, June 24.

This trailblazing event promises to be a pivotal step towards realizing the full potential of ambient IoT technology, setting the stage for a future where digital and physical realms are more seamlessly connected than ever before.

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