Checkmarx and Seemplicity Team Up to Streamline Security Remediation Processes

In a strategic move aimed at enhancing the efficiency of the security vulnerability management lifecycle, application security testing leader Checkmarx and the innovative cybersecurity workflow startup Seemplicity have declared a partnership. This collaboration is set to redefine the conventional approach to identifying and addressing security vulnerabilities within the software development lifecycle (SDLC).

Under this new alliance, the Checkmarx One Platform will be seamlessly integrated with Seemplicity’s Productivity Platform. This integration ushers security insights unearthed by Checkmarx into the Seemplicity platform, facilitating a cohesive environment for assessing and mitigating risks to organizational security. “This partnership leverages Seemplicity’s advanced deduplication, prioritization, and workflow capabilities alongside Checkmarx’s sophisticated context-aware correlation engine. The result is a powerful combination that grants organizations the clarity and operational efficiency necessary for scaling risk reduction efforts effectively,” the companies highlighted in a joint announcement.

Designed to serve both managed security service providers (MSSPs) and internal security teams of large enterprises, this combined solution is set to revolutionize how vulnerabilities are managed and resolved.

Seemplicity, headquartered in Tel Aviv, positions itself as the pioneering risk reduction and productivity platform tailored for the contemporary requirements of security teams. Following its emergence from stealth in May, Seemplicity has attracted attention with its innovative approach to orchestrating, automating, and consolidating remediation tasks into a single, streamlined workspace. The company’s journey has been bolstered by an impressive $32 million raised through seed and Series A funding rounds.

Atlanta-based Checkmarx stands out in the realm of application security, offering a suite of advanced testing solutions including static and interactive application security testing (SAST and IAST), software composition analysis (SCA), and infrastructure as code security testing (KICS). Checkmarx’s mission is comprehensive risk reduction across all aspects of modern software, encompassing proprietary and open-source codes, APIs, and infrastructure as code. The effectiveness of Checkmarx’s solutions is attested by their adoption by more than half of the Fortune 50 companies.

“This partnership and the ensuing integration of our platforms herald a new era for application security teams, significantly reducing the time-to-remediation for our shared clientele,” remarked Mark Osmond, VP of Strategic Channels and Alliances at Checkmarx.

Seemplicity, serving an impressive roster of Fortune 500 clients, was founded by a team of cybersecurity experts including Yoran Sirkis, Ravid Circus, and Rotem Cohen Gadol. Their platform is engineered to transform the remediation process into a cohesive and collaborative effort, seamlessly engaging developers, DevOps teams, and IT staff across any organization. The ultimate aim is to empower these teams to achieve comprehensive operational resilience and establish a scalable security program.

Sharon Besser, SVP of Business Development at Seemplicity, emphasized the mutual philosophy at the heart of this partnership: simplifying the professional lives of security teams to make their work easier, more efficient, and gratifying. “As we face an ever-evolving threat landscape and a growing shortage of skilled security professionals, this partnership ensures that security teams are equipped not just to identify vulnerabilities, but to also fix them swiftly and effectively,” Besser concluded.

Through their collaborative efforts, Checkmarx and Seemplicity are setting a new standard in the cybersecurity realm, offering solutions that promise to significantly streamline the find-to-fix lifecycle. This partnership not only signals a shift towards more integrated and efficient security management strategies but also reinforces the commitment of both organizations to advancing the field of application security.

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