Cohesity and IBM Amplify Cyber Resilience Efforts with New Investment

In a significant development announced on April 11, 2024, from San Jose, California, Cohesity, a frontrunner in data security and management, has disclosed an intensification of its partnership with technology giant IBM. This collaboration aims to fortify cyber resilience capabilities, addressing the escalating need for enhanced data security and resilience across varied hybrid cloud environments. Marking the culmination of its Series F funding, Cohesity welcomes IBM alongside NVIDIA as a strategic investor.

The urgency of bolstering cyber resilience has never been more pronounced, with the latest Cost of a Data Breach report, sponsored by IBM Security, revealing a stark increase in the global average cost of a data breach to $4.45 million in 2023, highlighting a 15% climb over the last three years. IBM’s response to this growing concern includes integrating Cohesity’s capabilities within its comprehensive cyber resilience platform, IBM Storage Defender, thereby augmenting the cyber recovery abilities of its clientele facing data breaches and cyber threats.

“IBM heralds a new era as a potent ally in the enterprise cloud and IT infrastructure realm. With their investment, brought is not only capital but invaluable expertise, fueling our research and development efforts for bolstering cyber resilience,” stated Sanjay Poonen, Cohesity’s CEO and President. “The partnership with IBM empowers us to bolster our offerings, enabling customers to swiftly detect threats and maintain uninterrupted operations amidst an attack.”

Ric Lewis, SVP, Infrastructure at IBM, highlighted the critical nature of data breaches as impediments to business progress, stating, “Our deeper collaboration with Cohesity heralds innovative, software-defined solutions aimed at enhancing our clients’ cyber resilience, minimizing business disruptions.”

The alliance has seen the merging of Cohesity DataProtect with IBM’s Storage Defender Solution, providing joint customers a robust framework to protect, monitor, manage, and recover data seamlessly. Cohesity DataProtect emerges as a secured backup and recovery solution, offering exhaustive protection against advanced cyber threats for diverse data sources, including cloud-native, SaaS, and conventional ones, all through a singular multicloud platform.

IBM Storage Defender stands out by employing AI and event monitoring across diverse storage platforms through a unified dashboard. This facilitates protecting the data layer from threats such as ransomware, human errors, and sabotage. The anticipation around IBM Storage Defender includes forthcoming features like a cyber vault and clean room functionalities with automated recovery capacities, promising the restoration of critical business data in a fraction of the previously required time.

It’s important to note that any statements regarding the future direction and intentions of IBM or Cohesity are subject to changes or withdrawal at any time, reflecting only the current objectives and goals.

About Cohesity

Cohesity leads the way in AI-powered data security and management. Supported by a vast ecosystem of partners, the company simplifies securing, protecting, managing, and extracting value from data across the data center, edge, and cloud. Cohesity’s offerings are designed to defend organizations against cybersecurity threats with an array of data security and management features, including immutable backup snapshots, AI-driven threat detection, malicious behavior monitoring, and rapid, scalable recovery options. Available as a service, self-managed, or through a Cohesity-powered partner, the company’s solutions are trusted by the world’s leading enterprises, including 44 of the Fortune 100. Headquartered in San Jose, CA, Cohesity is committed to ensuring data security and resilience for businesses globally.

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