Huawei Takes Center Stage at MWC 2024, Showcasing Cloud and AI Innovations

At the Mobile World Congress (MWC) 2024 in Barcelona, Huawei made headlines with its impressive showcase of cloud and artificial intelligence (AI) technologies. The spotlight was on Huawei Cloud, presenting a suite of cutting-edge products, solutions, and forums that signify the company’s commitment to driving intelligence across various sectors.

The technology giant unveiled ten pioneering innovations, emphasizing the synergy of cloud-native and AI technologies to spearhead the global deployment and progress of AI.

A Leap into the Future with Huawei Cloud and AI

During the event, Bruno Zhang, Huawei Cloud’s Chief Technology Officer, introduced the Global Leap Program by the Cloud Native Elite Club (CNEC). Under the theme “Leap with Cloud Native × AI,” this initiative aims to foster technical exchanges, discussions, and showcase best practices.

Jacqueline Shi, President of Huawei Cloud Global Marketing and Sales Service, highlighted the rapid evolution and innovation within Huawei Cloud, emphasizing the company’s vision for an open ecosystem. “We hope to enable more partners, especially new developers and startups, to grow with us,” she remarked, underscoring the ambition to co-create industry-specific solutions with partners.

Global Reach and Advanced Technologies

Huawei Cloud’s expansive infrastructure spans 85 Availability Zones (AZs) in 30 regions across more than 170 countries, ensuring low latency and a robust platform for computing, storage, networking, and security.

The company’s AI Cloud Service is designed for hyper-scale and stability, capable of supporting trillion-parameter model training with remarkable efficiency. Coupled with AI-native storage solutions, Huawei Cloud services meet the most stringent security and compliance standards worldwide.

GaussDB and Data-AI Convergence

Dr. Nikos Ntarmos, from Huawei Central Software Institute, shed light on GaussDB, the world’s first AI-native database, leveraging over 20 years of Huawei’s database development experience. This enterprise-level solution meets the high-security and performance requirements of global users.

Huawei Cloud LakeFormation stands out by unifying data lakes, enabling seamless data sharing among various analytics and AI engines without the need for data migration. This facilitates a smarter approach to data governance, from integration and development to quality and asset management.

Revolutionizing Media and Industry Solutions

Jamy Lyu, President of Huawei Cloud Media Services, discussed how Huawei Cloud’s integrated media services cater to industry-specific needs, enhancing efficiency, user experience, and enabling evolution towards AIGC and 3D Internet.

With Huawei Cloud, enterprises benefit from unified management of resources, including accounts, permissions, and compliance, facilitating seamless multi-tenancy and collaboration. Huawei Cloud Stack offers flexibility for customers to build dedicated AI platforms and foundation models in their existing data centers.

Empowering Europe’s Digital Transformation

Jim Lu, President of Huawei’s European Region, highlighted the transformative potential of intelligence for Europe, advocating for ICT solutions to support the digital and intelligent overhaul of industries alongside European partners.

Conclusion: A New Era of AI and Cloud Computing

Huawei’s vision for integrating AI with cloud computing is set to redefine traditional application paradigms, fostering the growth of cloud computing. William Fang, Huawei Cloud’s Chief Product Officer, emphasized the evolving demands of cloud infrastructure in the era of AI, pledging Huawei’s commitment to meeting these needs and advancing intelligence on a global scale.

As Huawei continues to innovate at the intersection of AI and cloud technology, its initiatives at MWC 2024 underscore the company’s pivotal role in shaping the future of the tech industry.

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