The Indy Autonomous Challenge Presented by Bridgestone Returns to Goodwood Festival of Speed in July 2024

In July 2024, the Goodwood Festival of Speed, a pinnacle event for automotive innovation and speed, will once again host the groundbreaking Indy Autonomous Challenge (IAC). This unique competition will take the stage from July 11th to July 14th, inviting audiences to witness the thrilling capabilities of the world’s fastest autonomous racecar, the AV-24, as it conquers the famous hillclimb. This year, the vehicle’s software operations will be expertly managed by the PoliMOVE-MSU team, with valuable support rendered by the UNIMORE Racing team.

The AV-24, a marvel of engineering housed in a Dallara chassis similar to those used in the Indy NXT series, stands as a beacon of the rapidly advancing field of autonomous technology. Enhanced with a top-tier robotics platform engineered in collaboration with leading providers in autonomous hardware and software, the racecar showcases the heights of current technological capabilities. The IAC has been instrumental in pushing the boundaries of autonomous racing, organizing events that draw together teams from 18 universities across the globe to compete in esteemed venues including the Indianapolis Motor Speedway and the iconic Monza F1 Circuit.

The upcoming event at the 2024 Festival of Speed will not only mark the IAC’s competitive debut in the UK but will also introduce new challenges and opportunities to demonstrate the cutting-edge technology behind autonomous mobility. This appearance follows a successful introduction to the Goodwood audience in 2023, where the IAC featured at the Future Lab, emphasizing its role in forwarding automotive technology through global showcases.

Paul Mitchell, the visionary Chairman and President of the IAC, conveyed his anticipation for the event, stressing the unique challenges posed by the Goodwood Hillclimb. He highlighted the demanding test of sensor precision, GPS localization, vehicle dynamics, and path planning against the historical backdrop of Goodwood, underscoring the event as a demonstration of the future of high-speed autonomous mobility and the brilliant minds shaping this future.

The 2024 Festival of Speed will elevate the convergence of automotive technology and alternative fuels through its FOS TECH initiative. It aims to entertain and educate, offering a glimpse into the future of mobility. From attempting world records to igniting the imaginations of young enthusiasts in STEM, the event promises to be a lens into how AI-driven technology will revolutionize safety and efficiency on our roads and beyond. The Duke of Richmond, the festival’s founder, expressed his enthusiasm for integrating groundbreaking technological advancements within the event, offering festival-goers an immersive experience into the future of mobility and innovation.

Sara Correa, Bridgestone’s Chief Marketing Officer for the Americas and EMEA regions, highlighted the importance of collaborative development in advancing the future of mobility. Bridgestone’s partnership with the IAC serves as a testament to the company’s commitment to testing and improving autonomous technologies, underlining the critical role of motorsports as a testing ground for innovative, sustainable solutions.

The collaboration between academia and industry, represented by teams like PoliMOVE-MSU and UNIMORE Racing, will take center stage at the event. Attendees will also have the opportunity to delve into emerging technologies spanning autonomous vehicles, drones, and augmented reality, among others, through interactive sessions designed to inform and inspire.

As we approach July 2024, the IAC’s presence at the Goodwood Festival of Speed is poised to bridge the gap between historical motoring achievements and the future of autonomous technology, promising a spectacle of innovation, speed, and technological prowess that will resonate across the automotive industry and beyond.

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