Anticipated Siri Improvements Delayed Until 2025

Apple enthusiasts looking forward to significant upgrades to Siri will need to exercise a bit more patience. According to insider accounts, a suite of enhancements dubbed ‘Apple Intelligence’, pivotal to transforming Siri’s capabilities, won’t be ready until 2025. This timeline extends even further for users interacting with Siri in languages other than American English, who may have to wait years for these improvements.

The intricacies of these upgrades necessitate a completion deadline by mid-August, as devices need to be preloaded with the operating system weeks before their release. However, insiders affiliated with Apple Intelligence’s development have disclosed to Power On that a segment of this project is slated for launch only in the latter part of the next year, missing the initial deadline.

Among the most anticipated features delayed till 2025 are:

  • Contextual Awareness: Siri is expected to gain the capability to locate and act upon information on your devices. Illustrating this at the keynote, Apple showcased how Siri could discern the arrival time of a user’s mother’s flight using data from text conversations and emails. Similarly, it demonstrated Siri accessing a document sent by a colleague or a podcast shared by a spouse, all via simple user commands.
  • Semantic Indexing: This feature is designed to enable Siri to grasp the context of the content and personal data on your device more accurately.
  • Enhanced Device and Application Control: Siri will be able to perform more precise actions, such as identifying and editing photos based on specific criteria (like a friend wearing a red jacket), summarizing meetings, and seamlessly integrating this information into emails or messages.
  • On-Screen Awareness: With this upgrade, Siri can understand your actions on the device in real-time and respond accordingly. For example, while discussing LeBron James in a text message, Siri could instantly provide his score from the previous night’s game upon request.

In the meantime, some incremental enhancements are expected in the fall. These improvements include a redesigned interface, the ability to conduct more natural conversations, better user understanding even with speech errors, a comprehensive knowledge base on Apple products, and an improved ‘Type to Siri’ feature for text input queries.

However, the real journey toward these substantial upgrades is mired in challenges. Apple’s existing data center infrastructure is currently ill-suited for the demands of generative AI, placing the company years behind leaders in the field, such as OpenAI, Microsoft, and Alphabet. In an attempt to catch up, Apple may need to invest billions and undertake extensive data center expansions. In the interim, partnerships with firms like Google or OpenAI might serve as a stopgap, enabling Apple to continue its advancements in AI.

The delay is attributed partly to Apple leadership’s past focus, with critics pointing to a lack of proactive vision. This has propelled discussions about the company’s direction and its future in the rapidly evolving tech landscape, especially considering the significant strides Apple has made under previous leadership.

As we await these enhancements, Apple’s strategy seems clear: buy time with minor improvements and strategic partnerships until it can fully integrate its advancements in AI. For now, Siri’s significant leap forward remains on the horizon, projected to unfold in 2025 and beyond.

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