‘Former Momspresso Founders’ Startup Pravis Invests in StreamO to Capitalize on India’s Gaming Surge’

In an ambitious move to tap into the pulse of India’s rapidly expanding gaming market, Pravis, initiated by Vishal Gupta and Prashant Sinha—recognizable names previously associated with Momspresso, has recently acquired a significant stake in the gaming-centric advertising tech firm, StreamO. This strategic alliance signals a keen interest in the gaming sector, particularly among the GenZ players.

StreamO, brought into existence by Tushar Garg in 2021, serves as a revolutionary bridge connecting gaming enthusiasts with an array of brands, enhancing the engagement experience for both parties. The platform boasts an impressive roster of over 20,000 gamers and has captivated more than 300 million GenZ followers, thus establishing itself as a vital nexus in the gaming community.

“The gaming domain offers a unique avenue to engage with the elusive Gen-Z demographic, traditionally hard to reach through conventional media channels. StreamO places us in an advantageous position to harness the remarkable growth witnessed by live gaming ecosystems and their vibrant GenZ constituents,” remarked Gupta on the acquisition.

It’s noteworthy that Momspresso, under the ownership of D2C unicorn Mamaearth, was eventually discontinued following a strategic evaluation of its financial viability. Post their venture with Momspresso, Gupta and Sinha launched Pravis. This new venture aims to knit together brand growth and engagement strategies, drawing from their rich experience with Momspresso’s MyMoney platform.

“Our past endeavors have given us deep insights into the dynamics between micro-influencers and brands. With StreamO, we plan to exponentially amplify our brand engagement initiatives by tenfold within the upcoming year,” Sinha shared, illustrating the ambitious roadmap ahead for Pravis in collaboration with StreamO.

Garg of StreamO commended the partnership, highlighting the platform’s role in nurturing genuine interactions within the gaming community. StreamO’s successful associations span across a multitude of prestigious brands, including tech giants and entertainment behemoths such as Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, Intel, and Sony PlayStation, to name a few.

This development surfaces at a pivotal moment for India’s gaming landscape, which is undergoing transformative growth spurred by advancements in next-gen technologies like AI, cloud gaming, and the rollout of 5G networks.

According to recent studies, India is home to approximately 931 million smartphone users. The fiscal year ending March 2023 painted a promising picture of the gaming sector, with active gamers in the country peaking at 568 million — 26% of whom are paying customers. This statistic underscores a substantial interest in gaming among smartphone users in India, with a significant portion willing to invest in their gaming pursuits.

The union of Pravis and StreamO underlines the vast potential within India’s gaming industry, poised for further expansion and innovation, catering to a generation that is increasingly turning to virtual realms for entertainment and community.

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