Samsung Unveils Cutting-Edge TV Technology with Its Latest Neo QLED and OLED Series in India

In a grand unveiling, Samsung has introduced its latest television technology to the Indian market, showcasing the evolution of visual experience with its new Neo QLED 8K, Neo QLED 4K, and OLED TV models. These latest entries in Samsung’s lineup promise to redefine home entertainment with advanced AI integration and a spectrum of smart features, catering to a range of sizes from 55 to 98 inches.

Diving into the Details of Samsung’s Latest Offerings

The pinnacle of Samsung’s new launch, the Neo QLED 8K TVs, are designed to deliver an unmatched viewing experience, powered by the NQ8 AI Gen 3 SoC. This chipset is a powerhouse, featuring a Neural Processing Unit (NPU) that significantly enhances picture quality, ensuring viewers get the most immersive visual experience. Add to that, Samsung’s proprietary Motion Xcelerator technology enhances gaming sessions by reducing lag and motion blur.

For those interested in pricing, these technological marvels start at Rs. 3,19,990 for the Neo QLED 8K range, with the Neo QLED 4K models commencing at Rs. 1,39,990, and the OLED series starting from Rs. 1,64,990. Samsung has also announced enticing launch offers which include a complimentary soundbar and opportunities to receive a Music Frame or a Freestyle projector with certain models, along with a 20 percent cashback offering, valid until April 30.

The Neo QLED 8K series boasts models QN900D and QN800D, available in sizes that range from 65 to 85 inches. Meanwhile, the Neo QLED 4K range, which includes the QN85D and QN90D models, offers a broader size variety stretching up to 98 inches. The cutting-edge OLED series, featuring S95D and S90D models, come equipped with glare-free displays, aiming to provide a comfortable viewing experience across sizes from 55 to 83 inches.

Advanced AI Features Elevating Viewing to New Heights

The Neo QLED 8K sets a new benchmark with the NQ8 AI Gen 3 processor, which enhances the neural network capabilities by a significant margin – from 64 to 512. This leap promises to bring a vivid, lifelike quality to the content being viewed. The inclusion of various AI-driven features such as AI Picture Technology and AI Upscaling Pro, among others, further bolsters the appeal of these TVs by ensuring top-notch audio-visual fidelity.

On the flip side, the Neo QLED 4K and OLED TVs are not left behind, powered by NQ4 AI Gen 2 processors. They bring to the table features like Pantone Validated TV display for unparalleled colour accuracy, Dolby Atmos, and support for refresh rates up to 144Hz for the OLED TVs, ensuring that every frame is as smooth as it is stunning.

All models come equipped with access to Samsung TV Plus, offering over 100 channels of free streaming content, and feature a built-in IoT hub for smart home device management. The Smart Mobile Connect feature is particularly noteworthy, allowing your smartphone to act as a universal remote for the TV and other home appliances, all secured by Samsung Knox.


Samsung’s latest TVs are set to make a significant impact in the Indian market, offering a range of smart features, advanced AI capabilities, and unparalleled picture quality. Whether you’re a hardcore gamer, a movie buff, or just looking for a new centerpiece for your smart home, Samsung’s new Neo QLED and OLED series seem poised to meet and exceed expectations.

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