No first party PS5 game sequels until after April 2025, reveals Sony

In a surprising turn of events, Sony has announced a significant shift in its gaming strategy, focusing more on live service games and indicating a hiatus in the release of any major franchise titles for the PlayStation 5 until after April 2025. This announcement is part of a broader set of revelations tied to their latest financial outcomes, which, despite showcasing record-breaking revenues, highlighted a projected shortfall in meeting the sales target of 25 million PS5 units within the current fiscal year.

Diving deeper into the implications of Sony’s strategy, it appears that the tech giant is bracing for a gradual slowdown in PS5 console sales. A key takeaway from their recent financial disclosures is the absence of new releases from any existing major franchise in the immediate future, at least until April 2025. This strategy suggests a temporary departure from creating sequels or spin-offs for its blockbuster titles.

However, the horizon might not be entirely bleak for PlayStation enthusiasts. Sony’s outline potentially leaves room for the introduction of brand new intellectual properties (IPs) during this interlude. Industry insiders are abuzz with the anticipation that renowned studios such as Naughty Dog and Bluepoint Games are currently developing titles that do not fall under an existing franchise umbrella.

Interestingly, the focus seems to be shifting away from Sony’s internal game development, especially considering that the last year saw a limited release of internally developed games, with Spider-Man 2 standing out as the notable exception. Nevertheless, Sony might still harbor plans for publishing titles not directly developed by first-party studios. Titles like Helldivers 2 and the much-anticipated Death Stranding 2, alongside exclusive third-party games such as Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth, could still be in the pipeline, keeping PlayStation gamers engaged.

Sony’s executive team, led by President, Chief Operating Officer, and Chief Financial Officer Hiroki Totoki, has reasserted the company’s dedication to delivering high-quality live service games. Despite the pause on releasing new installments for some of their most iconic franchises such as God Of War Ragnarök and Marvel’s Spider-Man 2, development work on major projects continues in full swing. However, the company’s strict focus on live service formats has sparked discussions and even concern among fans regarding the company’s future direction in single-player titles.

The gaming community has been keenly following Sony’s maneuvers in the live service domain. Originally, plans were set to introduce between 10 to 12 live service titles by 2026, which was later revised down to six. As of now, none have been released, and gameplay for these anticipated titles remains unseen, raising questions about Sony’s management and scheduling strategies.

As the PlayStation 5 approaches the midway point of its expected lifecycle, Totoki has signaled an anticipated gradual decline in console sales starting the next fiscal year. This admission pairs with talk of significant cost-cutting measures within the PlayStation business, hinting at potential job reductions and a much-needed overhaul in strategy to ignite growth.

The ongoing developments occur as Sony’s PlayStation division faces leadership uncertainties, with Jim Ryan set to depart by the end of March. With no clear successor in sight, Totoki appears to be at the helm, steering the company through this transitional phase with a strategy that prioritizes financial prudence over rapid growth.

As the gaming world watches, Sony’s recent revelations raise questions and expectations in equal measure. While the pause in first-party game sequels until after April 2025 may come as a disappointment to some, it could also spell a period of innovation and new beginnings for Sony and the PlayStation brand.

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