Cisco Launches Groundbreaking Cybersecurity Centre in Nairobi, Elevating Africa’s Digital Security Landscape

In a landmark move, Cisco has chosen the University of Nairobi as the home for its inaugural Cybersecurity Technology Experience Centre on the African continent. This strategic development is part of Cisco’s broader Country Digital Acceleration (CDA) initiative, which now extends its reach into Africa, ushering in a new era of cybersecurity preparedness and digital savvy on the continent.

The grand unveiling of the Centre at the University’s Chiromo Campus was a notable event, graced by the presence of esteemed guests such as the University of Nairobi Vice-Chancellor Prof. Stephen Kiama, along with ICT and Digital Economy Principal Secretary Eng. John Tanui. The collaboration between Cisco, the University of Nairobi, and the ICT Authority marks a pivotal step towards elevating Kenya’s cybersecurity posture.

Eng. Tanui underscored the importance of the Centre in bolstering Kenya’s strategic cybersecurity capabilities. The focus is on leveraging Cisco’s renowned Networking Academy to enrich training and cultivate a profound depth of expertise. The initiative promises to introduce Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Virtual Reality (VR) innovations to amplify cybersecurity awareness among government personnel and industrial sectors throughout Africa.

The Centre’s mission is not only to display the latest in cybersecurity threat intelligence solutions but also to assist the government in building a robust cybersecurity framework. This includes a suite of use cases and validated designs crucial for the detection, prevention, and swift response to cyber threats. Through this endeavor, the initiative hopes to propel Kenya towards achieving its vision of a digitally inclusive and prosperous society.

Eng. Tanui lauded Cisco’s involvement in Kenya’s digital development agenda, viewing it as a reflection of a shared vision for a tech-advanced, inclusive future. Meanwhile, Cisco’s Katsoudas shed light on the transformative power of community connectivity and proactive cyber threat management in our digitally evolving world. She highlighted the partnership’s role in fortifying the nation’s cybersecurity defenses and nurturing a future-ready workforce.

Shain Rahim, Country Leader for Cisco Kenya, called upon various sectors—government, educational institutions, and the private sector—to come together in bolstering defenses against escalating cyber threats. Rahim’s call to action underscores the belief in collective effort as a cornerstone for accelerating Kenya’s digital transformation journey.

The establishment of the Cybersecurity Technology Experience Centre comes at a critical time. With cyber-attacks on the rise both in Kenya and globally, the urgency for enhanced cybersecurity measures has never been more apparent. This initiative is a timely response to the global cybersecurity skills gap, a challenge highlighted by Cisco’s latest Cybersecurity Readiness Index, which indicates that 86 percent of organizations worldwide suffer from a shortage of cybersecurity talent.

The foundation of the CDA program in Kenya, initiated in 2023, represents a significant milestone in Cisco’s commitment to digital education and security. Together with the Cisco Networking Academy, which has been operational in Kenya for two decades and has educated over 130,000 learners in various digital skill sets, the program aspires to shape a resilient digital future for Kenya and the broader African continent.

As this pioneering Centre begins its operations, the collaboration sets a promising precedent for how public-private partnerships can effectively address the critical challenges of cybersecurity and digital education. It stands as a beacon of hope and a model for similar initiatives across Africa and beyond, aiming to bridge the digital divide and safeguard the future of the continent’s digital landscape.

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