Cradlepoint Unveils Revolutionary 5G-Optimized NetCloud SASE for Enhanced Enterprise Security

In a significant move to bolster enterprise agility and security, Cradlepoint, a division of Ericsson renowned for its trailblazing cloud-delivered LTE and 5G wireless network solutions, has introduced an innovative Secure Access Service Edge (SASE) solution named NetCloud SASE. This groundbreaking offering merges cellular-centric SD-WAN and security into a cohesive, fully unified platform. Designed with the modern, agile enterprise in mind, NetCloud SASE is a cloud-based platform that empowers lean IT teams to deploy true zero-trust networks within a remarkably short timeframe—reportedly in as little as six minutes.

According to a forecast by IDC, the market for 5G and 4G/LTE Enterprise Wireless WAN is projected to soar, reaching $5.5 billion in revenue by the year 2027. The escalating adoption of this technology facilitates organizations in expanding their operational footprint and bringing services closer to the customers. However, this growth spurt also brings its challenges, notably an expanded attack surface due to the increased number of connected devices. This scenario underscores the pressing necessity for SASE solutions that are not only simplified and scalable but also specialized to cater to dynamic environments. These environments range from ever-changing locales and roaming vehicles to an explosion in IoT devices and employees working seamlessly from any location.

With over a decade of expertise in simplifying cellular networking across some of the most demanding global environments, Cradlepoint is extending this legacy to redefine the simplicity of enterprise-class network security. The newly launched NetCloud SASE exemplifies this stride, presenting a seamless integration of cellular connectivity, SD-WAN, and security within a single, streamlined platform.

NetCloud SASE distinguishes itself with several unique design elements, specifically engineered to ease the transition from wired to wireless WAN environments. The solution boasts a cohesive networking and security policy engine, offering a consistent and intuitive provisioning experience across all SASE features. This attribute significantly streamlines the operational workflow for IT teams, enhancing efficiency and security simultaneously.

Industry experts are recognizing the potential of Cradlepoint’s NetCloud SASE to revolutionize enterprise networking and security. Ivan McPhee, a Senior Industry Analyst at GigaOm, commented on NetCloud SASE’s potential based on GigaOm’s Radar Report. The report acknowledges Cradlepoint as a Challenger and Outperformer in the SASE domain, highlighting its capacity to streamline the migration from traditional wired networks to more agile wireless WAN solutions.

Contributing to the industry enthusiasm, Reed Perryman, Director of Sales at RCN Technologies, shared his optimism regarding the integration of Cradlepoint’s SASE solution. Perryman emphasized the efficiency gains attainable through vendor consolidation, a trend increasingly demanded by clients over the past three years. He noted, “SASE with Cradlepoint not only emerges as the foremost cellular-WAN tailored SASE solution but also adeptly amalgamates multiple network design elements, encompassing SD-WAN and security functionalities into Cradlepoint’s familiar NetCloud portfolio.” For RCN and its clientele, this consolidation represents a strategic advantage, positioning Cradlepoint’s offering as a true game-changer in the realm of enterprise networking and cybersecurity.

In essence, Cradlepoint’s NetCloud SASE is set to redefine the landscape of enterprise networking and security. With its robust, cellular-optimized approach that harmonizes SD-WAN and security into a singular, unified platform, NetCloud SASE is geared towards enabling enterprises to navigate the complexities of modern-day digital environments securely and efficiently.

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